Viewing Silver Dreams Dayana Black Lace Picture Set 1


New pic set with new silver model Dayana wearing black lace!

Size 125MB

Silver Dreams Dayana Black Lace Set 1 0414 Silver Dreams Dayana Black Lace Set 1 0416 Silver Dreams Dayana Black Lace Set 1 0417 Silver Dreams Dayana Black Lace Set 1 0473 Silver Dreams Dayana Black Lace Set 1 0477

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Luisa from TTL? Wonderful!

  2. Anonymous says:

    “This file is no longer available”

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      hash blocked by k2s, now available here: cannot be re-uploaded :/

      • Anonymous says:

        You do understand that you only have to add a small text file or a screenshot.jpg to the .zip to change the hash value and change the filename of the .zip to something innocuous to defeat keyword searches and all is good, right? Better still, archive to .rar instead of .zip and set the password on open instead of on extraction. Of course, I guess that doesn’t matter if this is only being used as a tease to drive users to purchase VIP memberships – or don’t your VIPs also download these files from keep2share? If the same file is available – probably under a slightly different name – on the same filehost then the “blocked hash” argument is BS. Of course, if the latter is true, then this comment will never make it – so if I don’t see it, I’ll know.

        • The Collector The Collector says:

          sure, you do not even have to add a text value, just change the meta data of the rar/zip and the hash change, we have done this thousands of times.

          the problem is that the files are being hash blocked almost instantly and it’s not coming from someone reporting them, it’s being done on the inside… and if we re-upload with new hashes it takes only 5 minutes before they hash blocked again.

          clearly there’s a script looking for keywords and hash blocking content automatically, needless to say we do not have time to change hashes AND filenames to keep these files up for everyone, we have already came up with a solution where all these files are available 100% of the time on our private storage, but the storage is only hosted on 1gps upload so letting everyone in would obviously not work :(

  3. lensch09 lensch09 says:

    Link Dead

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