Viewing MarvelCharm Alissa Astonishing Picture Set


New pic set with Alissa from MarvelCharm!

Size 737MB

MarvelCharm Alissa Astonishing 012 MarvelCharm Alissa Astonishing 042 MarvelCharm Alissa Astonishing 077 MarvelCharm Alissa Astonishing 098 MarvelCharm Alissa Astonishing 129

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  1. Anonymous says:

    She was great at posing, had magnificent hair, clean beautiful skin.
    I wonder what happened with the timidness, in lack of better words, bleach and tattoo. Just hope she didn’t get them to impress anyone. Otherwise it’s fine I guess you do exactly as you want…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, she’s a lot more timid now. The bleach has finally gone but the horrible tattoo remains ruining her perfect skin. GM claim Marvel’s photographer pressured her to get it. Really hope that’s not true and she wanted it for herself. Either way it’s a tragedy because she had such perfect natural beauty.

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