Viewing Early Cali Skye Customs…. Evidence that they exist!


So there’s been a lot of talk back and fourth about some early Cali Skye customs… from the jailbait days… I know she was shooting with Jimmy and the other perverts around this time, there are some new pictures that have surfaced from this era, if you have any of these sets know that we will reward you greatly.

Cali Skye customs in hotel room with daddy and unknown photographer but probably Jimmy

What really happened in this hotel room on that day? The first picture to surface was the daddy skye pic relaxing in the background while daughter posing in some lingerie (left side of above pic). The new leaks are actual softcore where Cali is using a dildo on herself, same hotel room, same time… the same fucking food is still on the table… what really went down in that hotel room?

See the discussion picture below, not sure if it’s real but considering the powertool thing we all have seen that video… Was she really doing beastiality as well? Rumor or is Cali Skye one freaky girl?… What do you think?

Cali Skye Beastiality rumor

Cali Skye Customs Hotel Room 001 Cali Skye Customs Hotel Room 002 Cali Skye Customs Hotel Room 003 Cali Skye Customs Hotel Room 004 Cali Skye Customs Hotel Room 005


  1. fapingtrucka fapingtrucka says:

    I love the way the fat dude is always referred to as her “dad” he was just her pimp and she lost me as a fan as soon as she went black!

    • Anonymous says:

      It is her dad. You can even find pics of Cali and her dad way back on her old myspace account when she was still in elementary school.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where was this at?

  3. thuggins thuggins says:

    the discussion is ongoing at @nonib

    not optimistic myself but you never know

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hate to be a boner killer, but that pussy spreading pic is a more recent one. Her nails are long and she isn’t wearing braces. The rest are from the same day and place.

  5. bobsky bobsky says:

    First, that is her actual dad in the picture. He and his wife were second-rate photographers, they had a web site for their now defunct wedding photography business, as well as a listing on Model Mayhem (which is still listed, though he abandoned it a couple years ago.) It’s public knowledge, so check it out Cali also had a model page on Model Mayhem
    Second, I would not be surprised if she were willing to be a prostitute or even fuck a dog. But it sounds like nobody actually paid the price she wanted, so I don’t think there’s pictures out there to be found. Though I would sure like t o see the out takes on her nude sets when she was still 15.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Im the Anon that shard those pics, was given the nickname Legend for it. VIP access gets them posted IF the VIP area contains anything comparable.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      hi legend… vip does contain some customs but if its comparable most likely not… we have many users who join us to just re-post the hidden content on their sites, but i’ll give you vip access simply as thanks for sharing and bringing some light to the cali story if you can prove that you are the original leak, send 1 unseen cali pic to me and ill reply to your contact info with vip access.

  7. Anonymous says:

    hi, collector. I read somewhere that said quote cummed buckets 3 guys one cali and when the Asian looking guy started farting in cali’s mouth and pinched a nugget unquote. have you come across anything like this?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      i doubt it, there’s a ton of cali trolls out there, they get off in trolling perverts about cali, but yeah i’m sure she was a prostitute via her dad but i think only 1on1 with condom, price pretty high.

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