Viewing Fashion Land Violetta Picture Set 003


New pic set with Violetta from Fashion Land!

Size 513MB

Fashion Land Violetta Set 003 005 Fashion Land Violetta Set 003 056 Fashion Land Violetta Set 003 059 Fashion Land Violetta Set 003 149 Fashion Land Violetta Set 003 161

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  1. Tdatb Tdatb says:

    I have a simple request: since you insist on renaming every file you touch could you PLEASE start doing a contact sheet BEFORE you rename, so we can restore the proper filenames & actual file order after we download them? You always claim that you keep the files in the proper order but anyone can see that this IS NOT the case in many of these sets, like this one, (the way the pics where the model is wrapped in the translucent white cloth are scattered willy-nilly throughout, instead of all together in the sequence in which they were shot – the way 99% of sets are assembled – makes it quite obvious).

    If it’s not you screwing-up the file order, then you should have a chat with your source because SOMEONE definitely is.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      our scripts do not mess up the order, they only rename files based on their original filename or in some cases rename to folder and add series.

      i can redefine the scripts better but many filenames look like this 236yuttr435tergsre56w643rytue7436ww436sy5w364.jpg because many sets are ripped from various forum or people who upload them to image host sites that use a million adds and spyware type injections to make their earnings.

      In this particular case we could have kept the original filenames, but doing a shit ton of uploads i like to batch process data in bulk.

      order of images

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