Viewing Glenda Pink Lingerie TCG 4K UHD & HD Video 010


New video with curvy Glenda from TeenCoverGirls teasing in pink lingerie!

Size 1768MB

Glenda Pink Lingerie TCG 4K UHD Video 010 070719 mp4 Glenda Pink Lingerie TCG 4K UHD Video 010 070719 mp4 Glenda Pink Lingerie TCG 4K UHD Video 010 070719 mp4 Glenda Pink Lingerie TCG 4K UHD Video 010 070719 mp4 Glenda Pink Lingerie TCG 4K UHD Video 010 070719 mp4

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish this girl would look at the camera and not the dude holding it. She looks goofy. Not the best girl .

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      takes time for the girls to learn to work the camera give her some time :)

    • Anonymous says:

      she looks goofy? that swingin utter called Jasmine looks goofy and has the weirdest most awkward facial expressions ever to be viewed

      • The Collector The Collector says:

        You can tell when girls are not confident in their bodies… Glenda obviously gained a ton of weight, even though many of us men love a thick healthy girl that has fat in the right areas in their mind they don’t feel good about it. Jasmine obviously has issues with her body too, look at her tits… some people may like tits like that but if i was her i’d go for a breast reduction surgery asap because her tits are already out of control, once gravity has done it’s job for a few years those tits are hitting her kneecaps and then it’s a true wrap.

        • Anonymous says:

          hey 1st anon .. why don’t you model in front of a camera .. i’m sure you’d be a success .. let everyone judge you .. lulz

        • BiGDiCKMCoY77 BiGDiCKMCoY77 says:

          Spoken like a true professional; who knows this business. thought i was the only 1 who read into this. cheers to you mate’ !!

          – yeah gotta agree with the statement Large Breasts / Bosoms on a female from a Medical-Biological POV its usually Genetics/Family Traits/Ethnicity,Etc you get the overall idea. but then there’s also Weight Gain. while true some don’t gain NOTHING in the bosoms but they will in there stomach,kneck,face,arms,legs(specifically thigh areas),also sometimes there Buttocks(not always though)this is were you hear men say phrases like “Pancake Ass-Butt” . soo unfortunately again Large Bosoms really realistically are MORE of Men/Guys Appeal more then a woman being blessed with them or having / wanting them. last but not least allow me to correct a misconception. Breast Reduction Surgery is usually a Very Last resort-option; depends on the patient(the female)and usually the doctors diagnosis. the other factor is Breast Reduction Surgery doesn’t CURE the problem. it can; but NOT always. Most Patients report there Bosoms actually become Large sometimes They return back to the same cup sizes of the original bra size before surgery. yeah its a funky sticky situation(s), when dealing with Breasts Reduction Surgery.

          – Cheers !

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