Viewing Silver Dreams Brenda Spider Web Picture Set 001


Pic set with Brenda from Silver Agency.

Size 179MB

Silver Dreams Brenda Spider Web Set 001 010 Silver Dreams Brenda Spider Web Set 001 045 Silver Dreams Brenda Spider Web Set 001 054 Silver Dreams Brenda Spider Web Set 001 062 Silver Dreams Brenda Spider Web Set 001 063

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this studio was better than TTL.. wish the ones who went TTL stuck with this site. we wud have gotten some HQ nipslips at the least

    • BiGDiCKMCoY77 BiGDiCKMCoY77 says:

      yeah too a degree you’re correct. but then not soooo.. because 1 thing TM4B did was give different Poses & Views. like sure all of the TTL models almost all posed the exact same way. but unfortunately Silver Studios has a Really REALLY Bad Habit of giving you a Set of 150 Pics with ONLY 4 Poses of their model within the Entire Set like wtf ???? i would Never Ever pay for poor camera work. its like this. if these were Bikini shoots, casual fashion shoots sure…then i don’t expect much. similar to NewStar they were all the same as well. which was a shame as well. especially since they Have/ Had a Lotta Cuties, Adorables, Actually Pretty Model over there. but the Photographers are ALWAYS the Problems with some of these sites. too many of the either tried to be too much Artsty -Fartsy and it jus ends up with Really BORE Snore BORING Sets. like i’m NOT asking for them to be Stark Naked but c’mon show a tease. heck mainstream Fashion Models who are in their younger teens show style fashion and tease all the damn time why cant they ????
      soo i say this. TTL at least “attempted” to..its just that Brent The guy who ran the site was a True AssHole, Greedy financially. sliver at least Attempted to “Try To Push” the Boundaries of their models at least some what….. VLAD Models . well he was all about fashion, Tease. but soo he made his point across his photo sets with his models i believe.

  2. Flokua Flokua says:

    Man I hope there’s more of Brenda out there. She’s grown into one of my favourite models over the years.

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