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New pic set with beautiful Sarah from the Silver Agency!

Size 158MB

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sara is a stunning beautiful target girl in the circus knife throwing act! Where knifes are thrown skillfully dangerously close around Sara’s gorgeous body! She would find it very senually pleasing! Since Sara loves being on railroad tracks , she will perform on the disappearing reappearing girl o n railroad tracks as the damsel tied to railroad tracks! She’s tied beautiful the rails lengthwise . Just before the train roars dramatically over Sara, the section of tracks she’s tied to lowers her 5 feet for SAFETY but still dangerously close ! It’s a sexual rush like no other! When the train passes she’s lifted to ground level and is untied from the railroad tracks . she bowes revealing she’s unharmed from her thrilling adventure ! Next, Sara gets to perform the most famous magic trick of all time ! She is the sexy girl sawed in half! She’s tied across the railroad tracks this time. Her luscious legs are caressed , a sawing guide is placed over thighs and the magician begins sawing Sara in half! She marches her back and neck and sighhhhs and ooooos with erotic pleasure! As it only APPEARS that the saw is shedding deeper and into Sara’s tender lovely legs! She’s startled as the last back and forth stroke of the saw her legs appear to snap in half ! She enjoys being in half for a few minutes as it only APPEARS Sara and the magician are caressing and feeling the moist and tender flesh inside her delicate legs! Soon she is restored and untied from the railroad tracks! She bowes beautifully revealing she has always been in one piece unharmed from her FAVORITE magical fantasy adventure! All of this is 11

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