Hey there! Here you'll find information regarding vip access and also ability to join using bitcoin!

VIP Babes!

What do you get with vip member access?

Here are some of the things you get to enjoy as a vip member!

  • Get access to the most rare and high quality vip content!
  • Get access to 4836 hidden updates that only logged in vip users can see!
  • Missed a time limited download? No problem! They are all available in the vip archive forever!
  • We give vip members a 100% warranty of re-upload within 48 hours from request was issued!
  • Hidden vip only chat where you can ask questions or make your requests in real time!
  • Hidden private file storage where you can access files directly in case of DMCA!
  • With premium access you download without waiting and at maximum speed!
  • VIP access is free with your premium subscription so why nfot?!

How long will it take to confirm my VIP membership?

Usually only a couple of hours, we will always contact you directly via the email adress you wrote so make sure this is correct for you to receieve your login details. If you haven't recieved your login details email after 8 hours of purchase please contact us directly and we will look into it!

What steps do you recommend to minimize the risk of vip purchase failing?

Here are some steps you should follow to make sure your vip purchase doesn't fail.

  • We recommend closing all open tabs of your browser, but if you have visisted keep2share before in your current open browser session you must close your browser completely and open a new one, then go directly to https://xxxcollections.net/vip and follow the instructions.
  • Make sure you don't use incognito or private surfing mode during the purchase process, any privacy plugins you may have installed could also result in failed purchase, if you are using any plugins that enhance your privacy you should turn them off.
  • Never "upgrade to pro", if you want Pro account and keep your vip access you must wait until your current premium expires. Once your account has expired you can redo the vip guide but this time you pick a pro plan instead. Do not forget to complete all the steps in the guide everytime you change your subscription otherwise our system cannot track it and you miss out on vip access.
  • It's recommended that you close jDownloader while doing thie vip purchase as jDownloader could potentially steal the referral.
  • Make sure to follow all the steps in the vip purchase guide, once completed you can re-enable all your privacy plugins (if you had any).

Our vip program is simply a bonus to users who subscribe via our links, we take no responsibility for failed purchases. If your purchase would fail you can always ask for a refund and try again. Statistically speaking only 1 out of 100 purchases go missing and each time it has been users fault. If you have questions before purchase don't hesitate to contact us.

If you want a failsafe alternative we recommend paying with bitcoin but we recommend that you already have keep2share premium if you use this option.

How long does my vip access last?

As long as you keep your recurring premium subscription active your account will remain enabled. If you have to make any changes to your premium account, like updating credit card details you must always follow the steps in the guide once more to regain vip access with your new premium purchase.
Example: If you purchase 3 months premium you will get 3 months access to our vip section. If you have recurring subscription enabled your access will automatically get bumped for each time you get billed, if you don't have a recurring subscription and decide you want to get vip access again you must follow the guide once more to re-enable your vip access. Confused? Contact us for help.

Note: If you cancel your recurring subscription and decide you want vip access again you must follow the guide once more to re-enable your vip access.

I never recieved my vip access login details after i subscribed!

Sometimes the vip account details email goes into your junk/spam folder, please make sure that you check there before you contact us.

Some vip submissions are ignored because they are faulty and our system thinks they are spam, this could be for various reasons. Remember if you send "fake vip submissions" you and your ip range/area can be banned from accessing our content in the future, if you have questions contact us instead of spamming vip submissions.

If you think we've missed your valid vip submission please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll look into it.

I have vip access and a recurring subscription but when i login it tells me it has expired!

All rebills are done manually and they are usually processed once or twice per day. If you are really unlucky it could be a 24 hour period until your account unlocks. If you have been re-billed and your account remains locked for more than 24 hours please contact us and we'll look into the problem!

I've had vip access before, do i have to use "the guide" once more to get vip access again?

Yes! Your vip access only remains active if you have an automatic recurring subscription for your premium membership. Whenever you have to manually go in and make any changes to your regain your premium access (perhaps due to an expired card) you must follow the guide once more to get vip access with that premium purchase.

Note: We can only track 3 month or more premium accounts so make sure you get at least 3 months premium or more if you want vip access.

I don't see anything i like in the VIP section!

You can only see about 20% of the content inside the vip section if you're not logged in, right now there's 4836 hidden vip downloads! Some updates go directly into the hidden vip section without hitting the site first and other updates may get posted for a limited time before they are moved to the hidden vip section.

If i join your vip will i be able to download from other sites that use K2S as a filehost?

Yes! Joining our vip program is literally no difference than just getting a regular k2s premium account. You will be able to download from our vip section and also download from any other site that uses k2s as their filehost.

Please note that you should avoid browsing and downloading from other websites that use K2S if you've just purchased your premium account and are waiting for your vip login details to arrive. Whenever you download something from another website chances are they are going to be credited for your premium purchase, if that happens you will not get vip access with that purchase.

Once your vip details email has arrived you're good to go, now you can download from all the websites without worry.

I have a recurring subscription but my vip access has been locked!

Sometimes for various reasons your account may get locked cause something went wrong. Either you shared your access with someone else or our system didn't detect the recurring subscription automatically. If you're having issues with locked account and you don't know why don't hesitate to contact us and we'll check it for you!

I want to cancel my account, can you help me with this?

We're sad to see you go! If you're having issues we might be able to help you out before you cancel your subscription? Otherwise you can cancel your premium account by contacting keep2share support here (click contact support to right the of the page!)
If you decided to cancel your account please let us know why so we can get better!

I don't have money, but i really want VIP access! Is there anyway i can get it?

Yes you can get vip access by becoming a supplier of content we or our vip members want. Firstly you can check our list of most wanted babes and get back to us if you want to trade for your vip member access. You may also give us passwords to pay sites, other then that girls that would fit in the "models" category is of highest priority to us... Maybe you have an old archive of a model that is no longer available online? Let us know so we can setup a trade! :)

Is there any alternative way for me to pay for vip access? [ BITCOIN PAYMENT OPTION! ]

Yes, if you are in the situation where you may have a lifetime premium that you did not buy from us or if you simply don't want to wait until your current premium expires you can pay using bitcoin currency. Please note that if you pay using bitcoin you need to have an premium account already with keep2share in order to download without hassle. You can buy bitcoin currency here: buy bitcoin online

Now when you have your bitcoin send exactly: 0.01758071 BTC to wallet adress: 1CDKeH2iirr6AZG5C9JntH1aqaozgEQDwC (you get 365 days access!)

* Note that we only accept BTC (real bitcoin, not the alt coin bcash.)

Now when you've sent the bitcoin payment fill the contact form below! sexy babe

What account name do you want? (Your nickname on this site)

What's your email address? (So we can send you your vip login information!)

Exactly how much bitcoin did you send? (Example: 0.06629541)

Date of purchase (Example: day/month/year = 13/04/2016)

Your favorite models? (So we know what to look for to make you happy!)

Solve the simple math below to ensure you're human.
6 × 1 =

That's it! You've sucessfully applied for a VIP access account!

We review vip requests everyday so keep eye out on the email you gave us for information when your account is ready, don't forget to check your spam!

Bitcoin usually takes an hour or so to confirm depending on the fee amount you used when sending your payment. Don't worry if it takes some time as it is perfectly normal. You'll hear back from us soon.

/The XXX Crew