Missing a set? Missing a video? Make your requests here, we got access to tons of content and chances are we might be able to help you!

We take your requests!

We’re open for requests! Be it single scenes, siterips or photo sets we have access to so much material we don’t have time to go through and post everything. If you have any specific requests post back in this thread and let us know what you’re looking for and we will see if we can find it for you. :)

Vip members can post their request directly in the hidden chat area that is available on the front page and at the vip members area when you’re logged in.

We also have requests!!

Do you have a lot of content? Perhaps we can interest you in trading for content by giving you vip access in return? Check our becoming a supplier page for more information on how to get vip access for free by supplying us content we or our vip members want.

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  1. The Collector The Collector says:

    We are now open for requests!

  2. Steffen says:

    Do you have realpeachez sets? I’m looking for those, could you please get them??

  3. sixer says:

    doyou have blueyed cass nipples slip webcam show or anything that is not offical?? :)

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Yeah we will be posting the blueyedcass stuff shortly as soon as i get all these hard drives together, it’s currently sort of messy :P

      • Anonymous says:

        this was one more for over 6 years ago ,just example I hope you don’t go on drugs, because I want people to feel good without. .A beer, drink (all get drunked someimes, buts most get home to their own( or other bed) ). do not use heavy drugs, you only dead before you know it and screw up your life before. TAKE CARE. cat PS where is two foxes? DS

    • Anonymous says:

      8 year and still on site

  4. Capredim88 says:

    Please get anything with mystic monica, model from 2004 popular on 4chan, would be awesome!

  5. britneyfan says:

    HD circus tour clips – britney spears

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Yep, there’s a lot more coming, i’ll be posting a large collection of these videos in the siterips section soon as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        do you no meet madden do you no she been ask men for big money

        • The Collector The Collector says:

          no madden does not try to steal from people, its a common scam with people from the third world to use models images and try to scam older desperate men for money, you’re not getting contacted or scammed by madden, you’re getting contacted and scammed by some dude living in india or africa.

  6. The Collector The Collector says:

    Realpeachez photo sets as requested: http://xxxcollections.net/internet-models/download/sarah-peachez-realpeachez-photo-sets-siterip/

    Sorry for delay, i got a lot of shit to do.

  7. Thanks Collector says:

    Thanks overall, downloaded like 10+ Megapacks.
    Import more celebs :) Jessica Alba for example.
    Pornstars – More top models from Twistys, Brazzers etc.

  8. The Collector The Collector says:

    It’s coming friend! I’ve been busy with full time work but once i get the site fully settled down i will make sure the updates are more frequent and from more current sources!

  9. Keep it up! says:

    you’re doing good job :)

  10. sixer says:

    Would you be able to post sets from the original missy-model

  11. sixer says:

    Awesome! Thanks for filling my request so quickly

  12. Anonymous says:

    Melody Jai

  13. The Collector The Collector says:

    Melody Jai… hmm will see what i can do this weekend.

  14. The Geek! Forever! says:

    Great site! I have watched Katie (katies-world) for a very long time. Do you have any of her sybian order sets? Thank you if you do, and thanks anyway if you do not!

  15. The Collector The Collector says:

    Thanks! Yup i have all her photo sets! it’s coming just patience!

  16. BritneyFan says:

    what HQ clips of britney live are you looking for

  17. Playboy says:

    All Britney Spears Megapack Picture Set UPLOADED links are down.

  18. The Collector The Collector says:

    Uploading now, it’s a lot of data, will bump the posts once i’ve uploaded and replaced the links

  19. The Collector The Collector says:

    Bad news, uploaded.net is being shady, they are blocking the Britney Spears files for some reason, cannot be uploaded to uploaded.net you’ll have to download them from rapidgator, sorry. You may complain here: http://uploaded.net/help

    They have not given any reason to removal of files, so i am unaware of why they would block it.

  20. Playboy says:

    Oh, this is really bad news, because I have no rapidgator account. But thanks anyway.

  21. Alex says:

    Hi! Great site! Do you have zip12 and zip13 video of KT So? Thx!

  22. The Collector The Collector says:


    Pretty sure i have zip12 somewhere, i’ll post it once i find it.

  23. Rexx says:

    First off, this site is one of the best out there, REALLY REALLY enjoying Cass’ stuff. Her stuff are rare nowadays since she’s retired. Do you have any access to stuff from the alluring vixens.com girls? Or maybe anyone who reads this would love to offer the stuff they have to your site. Those girls are to die for.

  24. The Collector The Collector says:

    Hi rexx, thanks for the compliment! I’ll try to get some alluring vixens stuff, they do indeed look like great sexy babes :)

  25. Anonymous says:

    no luck with melody jai?

  26. ritchiepage2001 says:

    Janice Griffith?

  27. The Collector The Collector says:

    No luck with melody jai, i haven’t had that much time to look, very busy in real life with work right now, sorry!

  28. charlie says:

    Hi im lookin for Playful Alice a photosets rip will be appreciate i got a lot of vids but i think the best thing i can offer in return is a lot of pics form only all sites i got a lot of them thanx

  29. BigFish says:

    Hi Collector, i´m looking for “Hotlegsandfeet” not the picture sets, i mean the video files, any chance to see that here?

  30. JEN says:

    Kt so zipset 12 HD video

    More kt so HD vip

  31. The Geek! Forever! says:

    I asked, and you delivered! Thank you for the katies-world.com sybian videos! Rock on, Collector.

  32. NSFWfan says:

    Any chance u start posting Bailey Knox zipsets and webcam shows???

  33. Anonymous says:

    Hey collector Keep up the good work! I really enjoy it!Really well designed website! And can you post more fappening snappening thing? Regards!

  34. nick says:

    Do you have any Callista model stuff

  35. FerDena says:

    Any bashful brittany sets ?

    Great site goodwork

  36. The Geek! Forever! says:

    Hi, Collector,

    I was just poking around on the katies-world.com order set page. One page one there is a set simply entitled “Mystery Set” and it costs $11.00 to download. There is no preview picture. Do you have this set? I love this site because I have watched Katie (Lauren) for years! Thanks for the great work!

  37. The Collector The Collector says:

    Hi everyone, i’ve been busy with work sorry for the shortage in responding.

    I do not have any Callista model stuff but i’ll look for it when i get more time,
    Same goes for bashful brittany.

    The Geek: Can you give me the “ID Number” for the video, example the latest order set had number 855.

  38. The Geek! Forever! says:

    Hi, Collector,

    From the website:
    Order Sets
    Page 2
    Number 30, “Mystery Set”, no picture, no further description.

    Also, I have a video you might be interested in. It is an older video in which Katie is depicted in her usual bored state. What makes it special is, as far as I know, it is the only video in which Katie has sex with her boyfriend/webmaster/not sure what their relationship is. If you like, and if you do not already have it, I would like to trade this video for another you have posted here. Let me know if you are interested!

  39. The Geek! Forever! says:

    The Katies-world Spread and Taking It video is hot! Thank you for your outstanding work!

  40. BritneyFan says:

    hows your site doing with traffic? i must say im impressed with site design

  41. Katie Fan says:

    Does anyone have any Katies-World private shows?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      I have a couple of private ones, that i will post eventually, but i’m also looking for private shows if anyone has any that would be cool.

  42. Rexx says:

    Collector, can do you have the cam chat of Blueyed Cass where she has a nip slip? I believe from 05.07.2008.If you do (which I’d be surprised if you didn’t since you have so many rarities) what’s taken you? lol That’s a good one. Please, if you have it that is, upload it. PLEASE!

  43. The Collector The Collector says:

    Is it the whipcream nipslip or the one she had during the princessblueyez days?

    I have both, they are coming.

  44. Joe Swanson says:

    Tiny Tabby! Her website is gone.

  45. jonouk says:

    Hi there Collector, i really wanted Kylie Minogue Nipple Slips Live CG Closing Ceremony HD Video but last two links are broken. Could it be be possible re upload them. Thanks. Fab work on the site by the way.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      jonouk: please leave a comment on that kylie minogue post instead of here and i’ll reupload the missing files.
      nick: yeah it’s coming, everything is being updated at random so eventually it will pop up :)

  46. nick says:

    we need cass in that sliver outfit you have a couple of gifs of

  47. shmoopy says:

    Mystic Monique had like 4 or 5 dvds back in the day. It would be nice to finally see those.

  48. Potzblitz says:

    Hi Collector! Anything from Ann-Angel (www.annangelxxx.com or http://www.ann-angel.com) would be highly appreciated! Photosets, Videos, Camshows… Thank you very much for all your work!

  49. ralphie says:

    We definately need Carlotta Champagne! Thanks!

  50. Jones says:

    Ember Reigns, HotFlBabe, NikkiBender, LoneStarAngel, RussianEcstasy

  51. Jones says:

    MissMarylin, vixenvalcamgurl, MaggieGreen

  52. Firzenz says:

    Most of the links for KT So are already broken. Please replace the links. Thanks.

  53. Mahmood says:

    Do you have a Siterip of Ashlynn Brooke or any collections of her please?

  54. Mahmood says:

    A photo sets pack of Dani Daniels would be awesome!

  55. aj says:

    how about Christina model/Christina lucci

  56. Jones says:

    Were there any videos on Peachez18 or any other videos on the site before that?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      There are a couple of videos from Peachez18 era that i will post eventually, i also have a complete siterip of her Peachez16 site, but i’m not completely sure if i can post it or not. It’s non-nude of course but still kind of shaky.

      I don’t have a huge Christina Model collection but i’ll see what i can do for sure, i’m very busy at the moment with real life stuff though, i’m thinking of setting up some kind of trade hub all collectors can trade content with each other, who knows i’ll make announcement if that happens :)

      I will post KTso megapack updates soon which will include all the single releases that have been taken down.

      @The rest
      I’ve had little time to fulfill any requests that i don’t have locally stored, but around spring i should have more free time to work on my collections :)

  57. Smoke says:

    Colletor, any chance to get last zipsets of Kt So? and thanks for all the stuff you upload! ^_^

  58. The Collector The Collector says:

    I’ll see what i can do, i have a upcoming ktso zipset post but i’m uncertain if it features the very latest of hers, its 12zipsets.

  59. Peachezfan says:

    What was so shaky about the first Peachez site compared to some of the other stuff you have posted on here?

  60. Up says:


    My request would be to try not to do part1, part2, … where you can only get the files once you have them ALL – because sometimes you can not get them all before the links die.

    It would be nicer if it was individual rars that can each be opened alone.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      to many sharing sites set limitations on the file size for free users, i split stuff up to make sure everything is downloadable for everyone.

      Ill post Peachez16 when i get the time to dust of these old cd archives i have from back in 2001-2005 :)

  61. Up says:

    Please could you reupload kari sweets? http://xxxcollections.net/internet-models/download/karisweets-complete-photo-sets-collection-siterip/

    Thanks for all the great work you put into this nice site.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      The karisweets siterip was removed by a legitimate DMCA request, if you contact me i can send you links in private to download this siterip, i cannot put the links out to the public at this moment, sorry.

  62. lamore says:

    You have a lot of Ariel Rebel content, but it only seems to be single videos/pictures that once are deleted, can’t be reuploaded. Is there any chance of an Ariel Rebel superset of some sort?


  63. The Collector The Collector says:

    @lamore yeah i’ll post a megapack with all the ariel rebel videos for you soon!

  64. lamore says:

    Woop! Thanks collector, you rock!

  65. JIm says:

    Hey Collector. Thanks for the fionamodel post. Will you be posting any more? Any videos? Thanks!

  66. lamore says:

    Who is the 4th model on the home banner? The one on the pink ring in the pool? Better yet, which video is it?

    Also, is there any update on that Ariel Rebel superset?


  67. Michael says:

    I get not re-uploading single file videos and choosing to focus more on siterips instead, but then at the very least, if I may suggest, can’t you delete posts that no longer work? Sorry, but there is nothing more frustrating then stumbling across a treasure trove of rare videos and realizing half of them are dead and you have to download 7gb packs. It’s like those old old old message boards and threads you find that contain 53 pages of your favorite model only to find out 50 of the 53 pages are still active. The rest littered with rapidshare and megauload links lol. Honest suggestion, not trying to be flippant about this. I get releasing single files for a limited time (until the host deletes it) because you might re-up them into a site pack later, but at least delete those dead posts if you won’t re-up them any longer.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      I understand your frustration, however i don’t want to remove them cause i have plans that hopefully will result in my ability to easily restore all links. I have not had time to throw together the code to do this yet.

      If it’s a particular model you’re after that everything was deleted already get back to me and ill make a megapack for the model instead.

  68. Anonymous says:

    @TheCollector. First of all thanks for listening to the people. Not many website purveyors do that, so kudos for responding back to us all. No, it’s all good on my end, I actually have all the videos of my favorite girls off this site. I was just suggesting that because others who don’t have individual videos might get frustrated at the fact that the links are no longer active. For example I told a good friend of mine about your site. He came on and saw a few dead links. But then again you had megapacks so he got it that way. Regardless it’s all good and I love your site. It’s your site, run it your way. I’ll keep visiting either way lol

  69. Anonymous says:

    I have downloaded Blueyed Cass megapack#2 , not working, says incorrect password .or corrupt files, please advise. Ed****@verizon.net.

  70. The Collector The Collector says:

    I contacted you over your email address you supplied, let me know how it goes.

  71. Anonymous says:

    could you get any cockninjastudios stuff? i’m after some winkypussy (performer) videos

  72. Maplestory2892 says:

    Hi! I have a request on Ashley’s Candy siterip :D Thanks!

  73. Jones says:

    Is there any way to tell what posts are reups and which ones are new? Also are all cam shows in the packs you make also on here as a single cam show?

  74. The Collector The Collector says:

    Sorry, there’s no efficient way for the moment to differentiate between “new posts” and bumped “old posts” i’ll put this on my todo list.

    I post most cams hows as singles but not always, downloading the megapacks will most likely ensure you’ll get everything.

  75. tacuk says:


    loving this site. A few requests I would personally love to see on here would be Crissy Moran, Francine Dee (picture sets ideally) & Kathy Ash (who was one of “Karens Bitches”)


  76. Jones says:

    So not everything in the megapacks get a single release but all the singles are in one of the megapacks?

  77. The Collector The Collector says:

    On the megapack question, yes exactly.
    I’ve added “color codes” to the date tags, green means = old bumped post, blue means brand new post. Should be pretty easy to distinguish between the two now. (I might change this in the future to make it more obvious.)

    Thanks! I’ll do my best to find the bitch for you :)

  78. Anonymous says:

    Could we have some Ariel Rebel today please? I go on a business trip and would quite like to take some with me….

  79. JJ says:

    Hi, great website, by any chance will be possible get any material of Dawson Miller? Thanks in advance.

  80. Anonymous says:

    How about a Mega Pack for all of Cass’ Princess Blueyez videos? There are a lot posted, but many of them have been taken down since.

  81. The Collector The Collector says:

    I’ll post a Ariel Rebel megapack soon.

    I’ll do my best

    More cass is coming, i’m not sure if a megapack of all 100gb+ would suffice, perhaps i’ll torrent it or something, either way.. more is coming

  82. Jordan says:

    I love your site is there any chance you could post a Southern Brooke siterip

  83. Dni says:

    Love the site!
    Some where i have just about all inet model sites from 2003~2005. Hope drive is still functional. Anyway i can get a doc with all your rapidshare posts. Pain in ass to add each file. Donation necessary?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Glad you like it, welcome! If you can find anything in that collection on that old hard drive that i want i’ll give you free vip access. With vip access you can download everything from here with 1 click! even the files that have been removed. If you can donate bitcoin that’s also a way to get vip access! Check our FAQ!

      Perhaps you have a rip of Taylor Twins? I had this but i had a drive failure and lost it, so i would need it again.

      I haven’t been able to acquire her stuff, ill keep trying.

  84. Jones says:

    There were some cam girls that I use to love to watch but can’t seem to catch them on anymore. If you or anyone else have anything of these girls I would love to see it: HotFlBabe, LoneStarAngel, RussianEcstasy, Ember Reigns, NikkiBender

  85. Anonymous says:

    i suggest jessicafux aka daddyskitty and lagatita

  86. Jones says:

    You there Collector?

  87. Anonymous says:

    Anything from Catie Minx?

  88. Jones says:

    What about the girls I asked about?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      I got Ember Reigns siterip and LoneStarAngel siterip coming for you, ill check out the other sluts soon, sorry i’m busy with “stuff” :)

  89. Anonymous says:

    Catie Minx stuff would be nice! thx collector

  90. Britneyfan says:

    can you do a mega pack of Britney Spears interviews

  91. Anonymous says:

    Divinity18 / Torri’s secret

  92. Anonymous says:

    Please tell me you have stuff from Ivy Jean!

  93. Jones says:

    Thanks for the Ember Reigns and LoneStarAngel. Did you ever find the other Peachez stuff you were looking for? How about a continuation of the Sherri Chanel and Brittany Marie stuff (newer or older)?

  94. Anonymous says:

    A Denise Milani siterip or photosets would be much appreciated.

  95. Jones says:

    What happened to the rapidgator links? The DataFile links on the Sherri Chanel Complete Photo Siterip say you have to be a premium member

  96. Anonymous says:

    ashley’s candy zipsets with craving carmen

  97. Anonymous says:

    any heidi honey videos

  98. Anonymous says:

    karen dreams hardcore videos from her earlier career

  99. Anonymous says:

    natalie sparks?

  100. The Collector The Collector says:

    Hey everyone, we been busy lately due to many changes, we’ll get to the requests shortly! Thanks

  101. Anonymous says:

    Kaley Kennedy siterip would be great

  102. Anonymous says:

    Great job on taking the best site like this and making it the worst site. Can’t download anything worth while without being a premium member anymore and the things you can get go so slow.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Kalee Carroll aka sexxiebebe23

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Nice! Kalee Carroll is hot! Never knew about her but i do enjoy her twerk videos, rip is coming :)

      More sluts like this and i’ll bring em to you, the more i like them the more likely i’ll take interest in getting their stuff!

  104. Anonymous says:

    Will it be on slow download or premium member only datafile? June 1 it was posted you were going back to rapidgator but the awful datafile links are still around.

  105. Anonymous says:

    There are files that were on there before that are now on datafile. Why not use keep2share. At least they have faster speed for free users.

  106. Anonymous says:

    And now there is very little a free user can actually get so once they get the few things they are able to get they won’t be coming back.

  107. The Collector The Collector says:

    Keep2share is so limited on space there’s literally no way we can use them without a sponsorship from them, the 700gb they offer starters isn’t enough. Ill try to contact them and see what they say.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Well the way your site sits now with so much content being for premium only there are only two things that I am interested in that I can actually get. Once I get those what is going to keep me coming back? Nothing because I know I can’t get the rest.

  109. The Collector The Collector says:

    I’m happy to say i have a ton of her old sexy live performances lined up, they are coming eventually!

  110. Anonymous says:


  111. Anonymous says:

    Do you have the 2 videos of fuckable lola peeing? In one of them she is in the shower and she accidentally pees on her cameraman. Its the other video that I have not been able to find for quite some time now.

  112. The Collector The Collector says:


    I know i’ve seen those videos in the siterips/megapacks we have posted, check out these packs, i’m sure they are available in there:


    If not, can you link direct screens to said video and i’ll make sure to find the exact one, i know i’ve seen her peeing videos before!

  113. The Collector The Collector says:

    Added kalee carroll to my requests, if anyone have any sexy custom videos with her i will hook you up with whatever u want, thanks let me know!

  114. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me, or did katies-world.com become a lot more difficult to access without legitimate credentials?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      What do you mean? How would you access her stuff without an account before this point? Or can’t you access her website at all?

  115. Gixer says:

    Would be great if you could site rip http://www.thewildespot.com (mfc’s Tattgoddess) or aleahjasmine.com (another great mfc girl) Dont see many of Tattgoddess’s site vids around the web

  116. Anonymous says:

    val midwest videos, heidi honey videos?

  117. Anonymous says:

    What ever happened to the peachez18 vids you said you had? Haven’t seem them posted yet.

  118. David says:

    Thank you

  119. Anonymous says:

    I’d love for a siterip from ambercutie(dot)com that be great.

    Also some faye reagan stuff!

  120. Charlie says:

    hey really great site do you have any stuff of PlayfulAlice that would be really hot cos shes hard to find thx

  121. JB says:

    great work on aleah jasmine stuff, any chance of getting her b/g vids?

  122. Anonymous says:

    Brooke Marks blue yarn bikini vid?

  123. Anonymous says:

    Any celeb sex tapes? Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Tila Tequila, Pamela Anderson, Chyna?

  124. Anonymous says:

    Kandi Sweets – Facefucking.com plssss searching for ages!

    btw you doing great work !

  125. The Collector The Collector says:

    Kandi Sweets scene:


    I got celeb sextapes for days, i’ll get to post em soon….

  126. Anonymous says:

    Hi ,
    There is a Sarah peachez / Realpeaches webcam video i used to have but deleted and all the online links have expired , It was the show where she used her pony play butt plug http://imagetwist.com/vgwqlooy7gjd/sarah_peachez_20130418_scrlist.jpg.html

    Any chance you have or can get hold of it or any other rare peachez videos ,

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Sarah Buttplug video, i think i have it somewhere but my dates are not the same, i can’t find it at the moment, if someone else has it please post back cause i want it too if i don’t have it.

  127. Anonymous says:

    Also do you happen ot have any of the VERY old peachez sets with Ember or Ember18 / teenember etc.. , I think they were shot for Embers site before peachez got going with a proper site ,

  128. Anonymous says:

    Do you happen to have any of the old webshow/camshows of marrissasheaven or marrisateen , there were quite a few between both sites but all online links or now dead , thanks

  129. Anonymous says:

    take it your a big peachez fan to then haha , I lost a lof stuff when rapidshare and megaupload where taken down a years back , Do you have any rare camshow similar to the katiesworld stuff you have been uploading , Similar to the but plug one we have been talking about ?

  130. The Collector The Collector says:

    I have some cool sarah stuff, nothing like the katies-world stuff tho, that shit is just crazy lol, i haven’t gone through everything but needless to say katie from katies-world is living a strange life with that bloke in alabama.

  131. Anonymous says:

    Can you tell me what type of Sarah stuff you have , Don’t expect you to post it until your ready of course , I must admite that if its sarah lrelated i’d be surprised if i haven’t seen it already but it’d be awesome if i was wrong !

  132. Anonymous says:

    P.S i messaged the OP of the peachez buttplug video so might have a link for you to download within the next few days :)

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Cool, that would be very nice if you could get a hold of the Sarah peachez buttplug one, i may have it but better to be sure, she’s such a cutie!

      I have collected her stuff since 2003 or so, i may have lost some stuff in the shuffle through out the years, not sure if anything is particularly rare though, i have some peachez16 stuff too.

  133. Anonymous says:

    Is it on your HD’s or in dropboxes ? As i’d be happy to help sort through it haha , Still think she could have been the most popular Webmodel ever if it wasnt for the lazyness , Its a good job she has married well haha !

  134. Anonymous says:

    Some peachez16 stuff? Back in January you said you had the complete siterip and some peachez18 videos.

  135. JB says:

    any of aleah jasmines b/g vids?

  136. Anonymous says:

    Do you happen to have any “Torris’s Secret” sets/vids?

  137. Anonymous says:

    Kates playground 4 in 1 zipset part of zipset 19.

  138. LeAmberFan says:

    Have you a siterip or anything from ambercutie(dot)com, my dick is just aching for it.

  139. The Collector The Collector says:

    Yeah i got a little ambercutie for ya

  140. LeAmberFan says:

    Ok thanks a lot man! I really appreciate the job you’re doing!

  141. Anonymous says:

    What happened to TTL-TBF-Brazilian-Teen-Models-Videos-Pictures-Siterip I got 46 parts downloaded.

  142. The Collector The Collector says:

    hi, we have had some technical issues with the database, check now and you should find it, let me know if there’s any other issues, thank you!

  143. jb says:

    any luck with aleahjasmines vids

  144. Anonymous says:

    Sweet Yurizan, Young fatties (pics only), I like to see those

  145. Anonymous says:

    great site love ya work! do you have brooke marks the unseen 18 photoset or even better a site rip for her?
    would be great to see those in the updates…
    keep up the awesome work

  146. Anonymous says:

    I am looking for the sets of stephisparadise.com that arent found on her website anymore, sets 300-975 or whatever. Cant seem to find them anywhere, please help if able!

  147. EndlessNightmare says:

    Hello.First of all great site ^_^.Second can you upload Brooke Marks catsuit? 10x

  148. EndlessNightmare says:

    @The Collector
    Love it.Thanks for responding tho.Have a nice day. : – )

  149. Anonymous says:

    do you have princessblueyez in the white outfit with blue tape putting lotion on and the cam show were she slips up and shows her tits in hd mp4? cass is so much better in high definition!

  150. The Collector The Collector says:

    link the camshows and ill check what i can do

  151. Anonymous says:

    I can not find the one with the blue tape. it was offered as a zip set I think

  152. Anonymous says:

    the other is the one from june 27th? the whipped cream nipslip

  153. James says:

    Any interest in erin from Katies world? Would love to share her stuff for more katie.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      I have everything with Erin that was featured on katies-world official website, but maybe there’s more stuff from her personal site? Let me know and maybe we can do some trades. I have everything from katies-world offiical site, and some rare never before seen shit.

  154. Anonymous says:

    Can you post DawnAvril on MEGA links? k2s is too slow and too limited please post on MEGA at least the megapacks and the larger camshows (about 2 or 3h worth of camshows)

  155. Anonymous says:

    any ivy black

  156. Anonymous says:

    Any Emily Angel stuff out there?

  157. Phantom says:

    could you please post photo siterips of LindaPop.com and Little Lupe Fuentes if possible, thank you.

    Thank you for the Janessa Brazil picture siterip, awesome site !!! :-)

  158. Anonymous says:

    Hi, can you find ”edging endlessly pt 2” and ”scheduled edging” by Princess Lyne? thank you for what you do!

  159. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Could you please find “Panty wearing cum guzzler” by Princess Lyne?? Thank you!!

  160. james says:

    Can You Guys Upload All Club jenna Thank You

  161. The Collector The Collector says:

    I think if you want club jenna picture sets they are all featured in this megapack: http://xxxcollections.net/pornstars/download/jenna-jameson-club-jenna-photo-sets-siterip-and-more-collection/#inner_content

    The videos are coming, we need some time though, thanks for your patience!

  162. james says:

    Thank You, Cool You Upload Her Club Jenna Videos Just Big Fan Of Her Work Thank You Again.

  163. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you have or can find “Katie Banks Banana” video?

  164. The Collector The Collector says:

    The Katie Banks video you’re mentioning is it one of her older videos?

  165. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the Katie Banks video I saw it under a torrent site but I prefer to get it by direct download like your site. I was wondering if you happen to have it and can upload it. This is the link I saw it at: http://limetorrentlinkwin.com/Katie-Banks-torrent-6825961.html
    and they have it under the name of “kb-banana.mp4”

  166. Anonymous says:

    can you start posting everything for blueyed cass in hd mp4 so we can enjoy her more. a lot of her videos say file not found when you try to download them and not just her there are others as well.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      We will start posting blueyedcass stuff soon, we’re still getting things back up it has been a long month for us and everything is still not fully operational, give it a couple of days.

      Once we are fully operational i will make sure all current posted blueyedcass / princessblueyes downloads are working again, thanks for your patience!

  167. Anonymous says:

    Hi Collector! thanks for all you do! Can you reup all of Brooke Marks & Baily Knox stuff? thank you!!

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      All brooke marks and bailey knox is on the way back up, they should all be working within 2 hours from when this message was posted, enjoy!

  168. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for Brooke and Bailey!! You are the best!

  169. Anonymous says:

    Hi, could you find and upload any lucyslounge materials please? Thank you in advance.

  170. Kevin316 says:

    Any chance of finding anything on bustybri. Thx

  171. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Will you be posting any new katies-world stuff? Also, may I ask why most if the katies-world stuff is listed as for premium users only? I am trying to flesh out my collection, but I cannot but a premium membership. Thanks, and as always, you and the site rock!

    • The Collector The Collector says:


      Most our stuff, around 99% is free to download, some stuff due to size is premium only and few other files to keep site costs afloat.. what files are you referring to being premium?


      If i catch any on the web while i float around i’m snagging it, but i’m very busy with stuff right now so i can’t go on the prowl

  172. Anonymous says:

    Anything from Sweet Krissy?

  173. Kevin316 says:

    If you are able to get anything with midori west and spencer nicks, that would be awesome. thx

  174. MD says:

    Hi Collector! Any chance you could find the Midori West See-Through Wet Sheer Epic Zip? Thank you in advance!

  175. Todd says:

    What up l beg looking all the web for hardcore photo set of this http://elbazardelsexo.com/hetero/1359-janine-loves-jenna.html just want to know you can help me out thank you.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      @Todd yes this set is available on wicked, i’m pretty sure this set is included in the Jenna Jameson siterip i linked you earlier, if it wasn’t included let me know cause i’ve expanded the Jenna Jameson picture archive since i posted the siterip so i might have to post the updates for you to get the set.

      Will do my best to look for it!

  176. Billy says:

    http://harrietsugarcookie.com/ siterip would be an amazing fine

  177. Todd says:

    it’s a set of behind scenes you upload no hardcore of this that what l try looking for, just looking for pictures of the scenes of Jenna fuck the devil http://www.spankwire.com/Pornstar-Demon-Sex/video189543/?utm_source=www.bing.com&utm_medium=embed&utm_campaign=embed-html5 and this http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=225454094 THANK YOU.

  178. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for all awesome rips! Curious to know whether or not you have any content from Made4Modeling? Specifically models such as Misty Faye or Justice? Thanks again!

  179. Anonymous says:

    You should search for cravingcarmen (carmencraves). She got some nice work!

  180. Anonymous says:

    Looking for the new zip set from Brk Mrks. Thanks!

  181. aj says:

    a lot of blueyed cass state that the files cant be found to download. anything you can do about that? I have sent about a half dozen request to get all her stuff in HD but never ever an answer???????

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      What do you mean? What files are down that you cannot download? We are posting blueyedcass stuff in high def.

      Yeah i’m trying to find these zipsets but they are very hard to come by these days.

  182. Anonymous says:

    Brooke Marks new ghost ZipSet. To see that zip would be awesome. She become damn nasty in that video. Thanks for that!

  183. Anonymous says:

    Seanna Lust

  184. ako says:

    What happened to the Katies-world section?

  185. Anonymous says:

    What happened to all of your katies-world stuff? I hope they are not giving you a hard time again!

  186. Anonymous says:

    Bailey Knox new Zipset would be great

  187. Anonymous says:

    Hey do you have any sections on this girl who went by 2 names chase the hottie or planet katie i think it was ?

  188. Anonymous says:

    Do you have a camwithher section ? mainly girls like valentina or angelina stevens

  189. Anonymous says:

    lexivixi camshows

  190. The Collector The Collector says:

    Planet Katie is hard to find but we have some picture sets and videos we will post.

  191. Billy says:

    Can you repost the kt-so zipsets? Missed them the first time around

  192. Anonymous says:

    katies-world stuff gone?!?

  193. slimlayzie says:

    Great site,

    Do you by chance have any Diddy you could post?

  194. Kevin316 says:

    What happened to brooke marks videos and pictures that were up? They have vanquished.

  195. Bryonifan says:

    Hey guys, really awesome site. I hope you can post the full picture sets of Destiny Moody, Bryoni Kate and the gorgeous Kaley Kade. Thanks in advance and keep the good work.

  196. Anonymous says:

    do you have any stuff of Brooke Marks

  197. Anonymous says:

    Any notsonaughty camshows would be great and if by miracle you can get the sweet victoria/victoria raye anal dildo video that would be amazing

  198. james1069 says:

    Ok, so I’ve noticed that a few others have asked about it…

    EDIT BY STAFF: I edited this message, we obviously do not want to talk about this in public which is why we haven’t replied, if you’re eager to know contact us and we’ll discuss it.

    /The Collector

  199. Anonymous says:

    how about blueyed cass xxxpress girl video in hd

  200. Anonymous says:

    how about Bailey Knox ??

  201. Anonymous says:

    how about some cody lane????????????

  202. Eric says:

    Hope you can help me out looking for a video of Anissa Kate and Enzo Jaguar don’t know the name of the video http://www.xvideos.com/video8005543/anissa_kate_enzo_jaguar I looking for it no luck hope you can, piz do site rip of Anissa Kate thank you bro.

  203. Anonymous says:

    Latest by Brooke marks?

  204. Kevin316 says:

    Any chance in getting Freckles 18 videos would be awesome? THX

  205. Harry says:

    Love the site. How about any Jen Hilton content, rare or unreleased custom pics/videos? She apparently has a lot of content out there that was never published on her site.

  206. Anonymous says:

    Loving the site.
    Can you guys upload videos and pictures of spring thomas as well as viktoria from GGG? Thanks

  207. Anonymous says:

    If you have any videos of french singer Jenifer or french television host Cecile de Menibus, it would be grate !

    Thanks for your work !!!

  208. Anon says:

    Kt So zipset 13? The uncensored version… Been searching everywhere!!

  209. Anonymous says:

    All of karisweets links disappeared, thanks.

  210. Anonymous says:

    Can you upload Kitty Jane, Justine Ashley, Regina Ice, or Madelyn Marie if you have any of their videos or movies? Thanks

  211. Anonymous says:

    alluring vixens topless sets? thanks.

  212. Anonymous says:

    Karen Loves Kate new Zipset just came out. Can you upload?

  213. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Can you upload PantyWearing Cum Guzzler by Princess Lyne? I’m desperately looking for it! Thank you

  214. Anonymous says:

    wow! what an amazing site, great job!

    have any planet summer/skye model sets?

  215. Anonymous says:

    Hey, thanks for your work, if you have any videos of french model Nephael it would be awesome !

  216. Anonymous says:

    where’re the bailey knox videos ? thank’s

  217. james says:

    can you do a site rip of http://www.breeolson.com/en/home thanks

  218. Patrick says:

    Hey guys,

    Was wondering if you had any Misty Gates you could share?


  219. Rick says:

    Was Wondering If You Guys Can Get Nicolah & Steven Bond Videos Website http://www.flirt4free.com/vod/models/410391/ Thank You

  220. Anonymous says:

    how about some cody lane and more eva lovia?

  221. Anonymous says:

    ivy jean and emma ink please

  222. Anonymous says:

    could it be some of busty inez or gail busty thai??

  223. Anonymous says:

    hi love the site just wondering where all the brooke marks has gone?

  224. Anonymous says:

    ah ok ? thanx

  225. Anonymous says:

    Early Teen-Model-Marie?

  226. Anonymous says:

    Some peachez16 and peachez18 camshows would be great

  227. Ragnorak says:

    Since i purchased a lifetime membership for keep2share.net, i’m assuming that i’ll need to buy another 3+ month account just for VIP membership here?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      It depends, if you purchased it through our links supporting us you can have vip status ofcourse! let us know which date and time you made the purchase and ill let you know

      • Ragnorak says:

        Payment was made on the 29th November 2015 11PM Sydney, Australia time.

        • The Collector The Collector says:

          There’s no such payment in our logs, this is why we have to have the vip system, 60% of the users on this site who buy premium are not buying it through our links, resulting in us having to have this vip system in the first place, sorry man.

          If you can prove you used one of my links contact me and let me know and ill forward it to admins of keep2share.

  228. kevin316 says:

    Any chance you get get any Spencer Nicks cam show/videos? THX in advance…..

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Hmmm, i might have this, i will see…. Maybe not that many webcams but i know we have sets and videos and some zipsets we’ll post shortly.

  229. Anonymous says:

    This is a long shot but would you guys by chance know the webcammer Lindy_Bi? She now has an official site with a ton of hot stuff on it after I think 6 years of camming (http://lindybi.com). Would it be possible to request that? Also, if we make requests must we also purchase a k2s account?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Sorry i don’t have anything with her but i’ll look around, you don’t have to have vip to make requests :) We can’t guarantee any requests anyway so it would be crazy to ask you to do something if we cannot deliver.

  230. Anonymous says:

    please some cody lane. all I see you have is one video.

  231. Anonymous says:

    Could you please post some of pattycakes latest videos , Especially the most recent fappy new year videos with the fake bj ,

  232. The Collector The Collector says:

    I have a request! If anyone has a upstore premium account and wants vip access i can trade you 1 month vip access for you to download 10 files for me from upstore and put them somewhere i can download them.

    Let me know if this is interesting to you.

  233. Anonymous says:

    Any chance of getting kissmegirl.com videos, or even a siterip? Thanks for the great site :)

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Yes, a lot of it but it’s a huge upload, not sure if i wanna post all of it, i’ll probably post it in segments.

  234. Anonymous says:

    Can you please re-upload “KTSO EPIC WET PUSSY PRIVATE CAMSHOW VIDEO”

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Yes lol i will reupload all KTso files soon, its unbelievable what kind of BOT they are using to report the files, 788 links died within 8 hours of re-upload i will have to re-enable captcha but it only makes them live for about 2-3 extra hours, i think i will have to move all ktso into vip for them to stay alive….

  235. Anonymous says:

    Is it right that under andi land are only the newer ones and not her first ones under her name andi pink?

  236. Anonymous says:

    Please, we would love some more pattycake updates. Stuff is rare on the searchable sites.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      I’ll try but Pattycake is hard to come by these days, she has done several of changes to counter xxx pirates like myself!

  237. Anonymous says:

    best site ever! do you have any Danielle Stark to share?


  238. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any Kona Kalani or Jannah Burnham?

  239. Anonymous says:

    how about zuzana zeleznovova (zuzana z) and some cody lane????????????????????????

  240. Anonymous says:

    The new Realpeachez blowjob video and the new Pattycake preium video would be awesome thanks

  241. Anonymous says:

    Collector, do you happen to have BlueyedCass scenes that are titled “So Fresh and So Clean” and “Tanning” (I think it’s called Tanning, a video where she’s tanning her whole body at some facility room). Thanks! This site rocks!

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      I think so, if it’s these?

      Don’t underestimate my Cass addiction, she is my favorite model! If there’s anything i don’t have with her i will go above and beyond to get it!

  242. Anonymous says:

    Hey so if I get VIP access will I be able ********************** videos ?

  243. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Yeah it’s those Collector. But, question, are they actually up or not yet? Cuz I am pretty sure I’ve browsed and browsed Cass’ section and never saw them. lol Collector, I think you and I could compete over who is the bigger Cass fan. I download no porn softcore or hardcore, other than Cass.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Nope they are not on the site yet, I have only posted about 50% of my Cass collection so far, updates are coming :)

      If you have anything “out of the ordinary” with Cass let me know i will make it worth your while!

      • Anonymous says:

        Well I have a lot of Cass but unfortunately it’s nothing you don’t have. You have a slew of her cams, I have almost no cams she has done over the years (which are probably the rarest of her material). And I’m still missing some of her more “normal” HD videos (like said Tanning and So Fresh So Clean vids). I can’t wait for those, you really are great for all the material you’re posting. And people better get these, now that Cass has retired and shut down her site, this stuff will be pretty rare.

  244. Anonymous says:

    for the wishlist:

    Maybe http://peehunters.com/

  245. Anonymous says:

    where is ************ and *********? come on man you put all this non nude stuff. how about some cody lane?

  246. Anonymous says:

    Can you guys find a uncensored video of Audrey bitoni with a asian
    guy http://www.xvideos.com/video14289503/audrey_bitoni_-_amwf_asian_guy_subido_por_mexico_#_tabComments

  247. Anonymous says:

    when will you start postng pbe & cass piture sets again? I think you left off around set 20?

  248. Anonymous says:

    how about some akira lane, kitty yung, becky sunshine, teanna kai mega packs? some very hot women!

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      i’ll start experimenting with pornstar video megapacks but they usually become so huge it’s not convenient to share them. I’ll start posting more of them if people are showing interest by downloading it, they do take a lot of room to host and we have limited space. Fortunately we should have a bump in hosting space 8th march.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hope you got more Jenna Jameson videos, thanks James

        • The Collector The Collector says:

          Absolutely we have a huge jenna jameson collection, i’ll prioritize it a little bit but we have so much content its hard to push one thing and we mostly push the stuff we notice most users are enjoying / downloading.

  249. Anonymous says:

    Any chance you have any vids with TINDRA MANTEL from born2tease.net ?

  250. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for up the older Pics of Andi Land as Andi Pink. Did u have the older Videos,too? Is it possible to up them? Thanks a lot

  251. Anonymous says:

    why vip… i think a lot of ppl are here bcs thy dont wanna pay for content

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Some reasons:

      1. avoid broken links, having links being public makes them die within 12 hours of us posting them due automatic robots reporting them, we are not going to sit day in day out fighting a robot by re-uploading a file 10000 times.
      2. cover our server costs, hosting isn’t free.
      3. we cannot post all models publicly, its either vip or we don’t post them at all.

  252. Anonymous says:

    WOW, must be my birthday! Thanks for Planet Summer/Skye Model! The “random model” with Skye/Kate is Divinity18/Jayden

  253. Anonymous says:

    Man im keen on VIP but that would break the rule…NEVER PAY lol, also not sure how it works any way I can preview hidden content ?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      You’re welcome to trade for access, if you have something we want we are more than willing to let you in without paying. As for preview, yeah we have such features but you’ll have to contact us for that.

  254. Anonymous says:

    Do you have Brandi Love sets or siterip by any chance? Thank you

  255. Anonymous says:

    Do you have Ashley Lightspeed?

  256. Anonymous says:

    Can you guys do some Tera Patrick stuff? Thanks, danny

  257. Anonymous says:

    Do you have the new meet M camshow think its 17/3 after her ice video.

  258. Anonymous says:

    Kate’s playground has a new zipset

  259. Anonymous says:

    Another once great site gone “VIP”. I don’t even have an issue with paying for a k2s account… *edited out*

  260. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering if you have complete pics sets of Tracey Lynn Livermore/ Brandi Love by any chance? If so, will you be uploading anytime soon? Many Thanks in anticipation.

  261. lion16 lion16 says:

    kelsey monroe complete cam shows

  262. Anonymous says:

    Madison Lain please!

  263. lion16 lion16 says:

    Thank you

  264. Anonymous says:

    Will you be getting Lily XO’s latest zipset soon?

  265. lion16 lion16 says:

    any chance of latest pattycake zipset or videos..really need these

  266. Anonymous says:

    Question about VIP. I already have a lifetime K2S account and I’ve applied for a VIP membership by following the application steps yet I’ve heard no reply after several weeks! :-(

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Hello! Pretty sure we have responded each and everyone that has asked, but if we missed you please contact us again and we will look at it. The most likely reason you don’t have VIP if you are lifetime is because you didn’t subscribe through any of the links on this website, if this is the case you need to open a new account or use bitcoin to join, sorry.

  267. Anonymous says:

    Is Madison Lain going to be happening anytime soon?

  268. Anonymous says:

    Any chance of getting a site rip for Jayden from Divinity18? I could send some rare Brooke Marks camshows if you wanna trade

  269. Anonymous says:

    Hi there! I have a complete Siterip of Baileyknox.. If you’re interested…

  270. Anonymous says:

    how about kt-so cant up load anything re-up please

  271. Anonymous says:

    xev bellringer =)

  272. Anonymous says:

    Audrey Mac =)

  273. Anonymous says:

    I take it MadisonLain isn’t happening then?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Maybe, i can’t really tell you, we don’t plan our releases much at this point, we have a ton of stuff to post half of it i don’t even know myself at this point, the culprit is time to get it done…. in due to we will know :)

  274. Anonymous says:

    please, sandy zsanett egerhazi more

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      I actually have a gigantic collection of her stuff i have not been able to post any of it yet so there will be a lot of it coming when i get time!

  275. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Collector,
    Although I have read the reasons why, I am still disappointed that you have a premium access. I happened across this website while looking for certain models while obeying my personal mantra of never paying for it. This is the Internet; I should not have to, right? Anyway that is the basic premise. I have continued my search for other websites that are as high-quality as yours, but to no avail. Oh well. I was able to use your website to fill in gaps in my collections, so you have my gratitude for that. I just had to get this off my chest.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Thanks! You don’t have to pay if you just give us something in return, we enjoy the models we post which is probably why you find this website “higher quality” then the rest of the spammers out there just spamming away to make a buck.

      contact us with what models you have and we can probably work something out!

  276. lion16 lion16 says:

    Bailey Knox New Zipset

  277. pintobeans pintobeans says:

    Alyssa Reece

  278. Anonymous says:

    paypal not used as payment method?!?

  279. Potzblitz Potzblitz says:

    Anything from jelenajensen.com would be appreciated! Thanks!

  280. Anonymous says:

    Got a Lil Candy siterip- 36 vidoes, all 720p or better. Girl does everything! Interested?

  281. Anonymous says:

    Hi, i’m looking for a lot of girls aloud videos, i hope i can find some of them… thank u sooo much :)
    Girls Aloud – Sound Of The Underground (CBBC Top 40 Vote 2002)
    Girls Aloud – Life Got Cold – totp 2003
    Girls Aloud – Jump (Live National Music Awards UK 2003)
    Girls Aloud The Show Royal Variety 15th December 2004
    Girls Aloud – Love Machine (Record Of The Year 2004)
    Girls Aloud – I’ll Stand By You (Live @ Children In Need 2004)
    Girls Aloud – Wake Me Up (TOTP 2005)
    Girls Aloud See The Day totp
    Girls Aloud – Whole Lotta History totp
    Girls Aloud – Something Kinda Ooooh (TOTP Christmas Special 2006)
    Girls Aloud – Sexy no no no (Live dance x)
    Girls Aloud – Call The Shots [totp 07]
    Girls Aloud – The Promise (Live at The BRIT Awards, 2009)
    Girls Aloud – The Loving Kind (Live @ Paul O’Grady Show 16/12/2008)
    Girls Aloud – Untouchable [Dancing On Ice – 15.03.2009]

    Thank u :)

  282. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE a lot of the content, especially those from BlueyedCass, but I am SAD :( that a lot of new things being posted are automatically becoming VIP. I have NO problem with that, and it IS your website, but I truly wish that you would made freshly posted videos non-VIP, if for only a few hours or day upon their release. Then they can become VIP. And I would become VIP but the problem is (and I’m sure others have this problem) my credit card gets flagged and then fraud alerted with sites like K2S (through no fault of their own though), OR we don’t really need to invest in a membership because we only want 1 or 2 clips. We non-VIP members still show you love and give you traffic, Collector :) I wish you would consider that idea. MUCH RESPECT, regardless!

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      We give free vip memberships for anyone that contributes files that we want / our vip members want, on top of this post is a large list of stuff we want, also any vip member posted anything they look for in this thread will also give you a membership

      Thanks for putting some RESPEK on my name ;)

      • Anonymous says:

        lol ah, Birdman! I have seen the list, but unfortunately I don’t have anything that is requested. Well, I do have all those girls, but usually one video here or there. BUT. I am very curious whether or not you would be interested in a little-known Czech porn star I have been collecting on (I THINK I have her complete work in Videos only)? She only did a handful of movies, but she is soooo gorgeous that I made it my mission to get her completed work. How can I privately contact you to see IF you would be interested? I would give up all her videos for just two BEC videos. Again, IF you are interested

  283. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone interested in ALLURING VIXENS picture sets? I am the above anonymous person who wanted two BlueyedCass clips in exchange for hard to find Ivona Zampova movies. Apparently no one is interested, from the lack of response. So, is anyone interested in some ALLURING VIXENS photo sets?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Sorry have not had time to respond, i will get around to it in the weekend and yes alluring vixens is something that’s interesting to us! let me know over email what you got!

  284. aranaaa aranaaa says:

    Craving Carmen!!!

  285. Anonymous says:

    I have a site rip on a girl that, as far as I can tell, you do not have featured on this website. Her name is Mia Khalifa; she is Lebanese and does lots of hardcore. Twelve videos, all 1080p. I am willing to trade this with you in exchange for a week of Premium Access. Are you interested? By the way, your sire rocks!

    • Anonymous says:

      Man Mia Khalifa is one of the most common pornstars out there and it isn’t hard to get her HD material. Plus, 12 videos is not a lot.

  286. aranaaa aranaaa says:

    Also…Peachez16 vids and Destinymodel

  287. Anonymous says:

    Collector, I am real interested in a trade. Have contacted you twice but no one responds. I understand you guys were busy with the whole site going down deal, but I really would like to know if you are interested in a trade or not. I offered up some ALLURING VIXENS photo sets in exchange for ONE video from your Blueyed Cass collection. Thank you. Also, do you have photos from Cass’ wedding? I have some of those. If anyone is interested at all, here’s my email: **********@gmx.com

  288. The Collector The Collector says:

    That’s extremely interesting if the quality is up to par, let me know what you want for it.

  289. Anonymous says:

    Hello! there is nothing ttl heidy or karisweets

  290. stevecole90099 stevecole90099 says:

    Any of Adriana Sage videos.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      This shouldn’t be that hard to find, i haven’t looked but is there any particular video you’re looking for or just a compilation/megapack or her stuff?

  291. aranaaa aranaaa says:

    Though of another classic. MarisaTeen / Marisa Model…got the rare 1st DVD but nobody’s ever found the 2nd

  292. Tokiart Tokiart says:

    Hi. Do you, by any chance, have any Trueteenbabes or teamdmp stuff like Ava Glam model, Rosie Ford, or Tina Lynn? Thanks.

  293. Anonymous says:

    I request the person or persons running this website do a face reveal and I’ll give every single rare Cass cam video I’ve got

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Or you should just trade the “rare cass” camshows you have for the cass videos you want? :) What do you even mean by face reveal anyway?! Who we are is not what matters, whoever has the most models in their fap stash by death is the only thing that matters ;)

  294. tihtih tihtih says:

    Great site! Do you have any hardcore on Michelle Vargas from realitykings/moneytalks? :-)

  295. inos inos says:

    Do you have any of the TeenBeautyFitness bonus videos?

  296. Anonymous says:

    Would love nikki summer pink lovin set, more rachel sexton and any ca,llista model zipset if allowed

  297. Anonymous says:

    Pixies pillows or sexy pattycake

  298. Anonymous says:

    Hi does Someone have sugababes medley shape live on cduk? And other girls aloud’s sexy performances? Thank u xx

  299. joesmith joesmith says:

    I would love to have any Playwithparis/ Camwithparis galleries. I loved her back in the day :) Thanks!!

  300. Anonymous says:

    I have a collections called Legal Teen Porn. Almost 100 gigs, 1080p and 121 10+ min long movies. The girls are top shelf and do everything! Interested?

  301. Anonymous says:

    Would appreciate if you could upload Megan Summers’ videos

  302. Anonymous says:

    lunascam shows and/or private shows would be awesome.

  303. Anonymous says:

    Hi.. could you get the site rip of Dream of Dani … I looked for it but can’t find it …
    here is an example : http://galleries5.ptclassic.com/1/danimini/
    or at least that set on the example… she is so good…

  304. Anonymous says:

    Korina Bliss/Korina Dahl would be awesome, pics and/or vids please!

  305. Anonymous says:

    Ember Reigns has 7 out of the 9 links as broken. Can we get a re-upload and shift her tits out of the graveyard please?

  306. Anonymous says:

    Alot f KTSO is graveyarded, sumthing we can doo?

  307. aranaaa aranaaa says:

    A full collection from Teen-model-marie.com would be the holy grail…

  308. Anonymous says:

    Great site! I’d love it if you got some Destinymodel (later went by Kasandramodel and was Destiny on Kissingmodels). Also, some new Sexypattycake would be great!

  309. Anonymous says:

    Sets and videos of Amy from NextDoor-Amy would be great. Thanks.

  310. Anonymous says:

    Felicity Fey and Debbie teen siterip!!!

  311. kevinfl43 kevinfl43 says:

    Can you get any mixed-mag.com videos/pic sets?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Some good looking girls there, i’ll see what i can do

      EDIT: Wow.. the prices of the website is pretty crazy, then they don’t even allow downloading of the content. I could probably figure out how to download the content though but i am not sure about those prices, 1 video for 80$ of a model that is unknown to me? If someone has a membership that they are willing to share to this site for just a second i can figure out if downloading is possible or not, if it is possible i’ll get my own account and use that to download everything.

  312. Anonymous says:

    Pattycake prisoner of love zipset would be amazing

  313. Anonymous says:

    Kylie Cole new dildo zipset would be amazing !!!!

  314. murdoc328 murdoc328 says:

    Megan Summers videos please

  315. bigzmissing bigzmissing says:

    more from candydolls or Webe modles that and I have a cinderella fetish .so Cinderella cosplay is geat

  316. Anonymous says:

    do you have Blueyed Cass wedding photos?

  317. Anonymous says:

    Forget about my previous message. I just sent you message through “Contact” page :)

  318. murdoc328 murdoc328 says:

    Can you pls re-up Talia Shepard vids? Thanks

  319. Anonymous says:

    hey, I sent you 2 another e-mails, but you didn’t reply any for days now. Did I say something you taken personal?

  320. DJRAM48 DJRAM48 says:

    Recently saw this beautifully fit babe. Her name is Scarlet Madison. What a hot, sexy, busty, leggy, MILF! I have only seen non-nude photos, but even those are great! Are there any collections out there of her? Thanks.

  321. DSouth79 DSouth79 says:

    just some names for thought… Tara Tainton, any of the Ttl models,. did anything ever come out with Katesplayground sex tape? of course anything bm and nikki sims… THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!

  322. Anonymous says:

    hello! great collection you got there. are you accepting trades? mine for yours with no watermarks? I got some Aurora Snow, Whitney Stevens, Dana DeArmond, Eva Angelina, Jasmine Tame, Kagney Linn Karter, Monica Mattos, Zsanett Egerhazi for trading. can I take your email? ty.

  323. Anonymous says:

    i’m the guy you replied. i already sent you email but didnt get reply. i’ll send you again through @gmail.

  324. DawgNY DawgNY says:

    Any luck with the new patty cake video, Daddy’s Lil Monster?

  325. Anonymous says:

    Several of the early uploads for Demi Lovato are broken/graveyard, may we get a re-up?

  326. Jasonmahboi Jasonmahboi says:

    Thanks for all your hard work dude, have you thought of site-ripping Your Caitlynn?

    That’s my request! Thanks!

  327. Focushermana Focushermana says:

    what happenned….?? :(

  328. Anonymous says:

    Is there a chance there will be new Brittany Marie uploads?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      most likely no, we did a full reupload of all her stuff not more than 2 weeks ago, there’s no reason for us to do another one, if a vip asks for it, yeah then we have to :P

  329. Anonymous says:

    thanks for all you do – if you don’t mind me asking, where do you find all this stuff? it seems so much of it is really hard to find and you’ve got a great collection!

  330. DSouth79 DSouth79 says:

    just curious about the *edit*….

  331. Anonymous says:

    hello do you have Avena Lee photosets? Im contacting you for a possible trade(yandex e-mail).

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      hey, you have been contacting us over and over and pulling out right before we initiate a trade so we stopped responding, we don’t have time for that.

  332. Anonymous says:

    Can we get any concert videos of:

    -Selena Gomez
    -Rachel Platten
    -Taylor Swift with either/or/both of the above?

  333. Anonymous says:

    The Brittany Marie Black Leather Dominatrix HD vid and photo set is in need of re-uploading. Could you take care of that?

  334. Anonymous says:

    denise milani

  335. soxboy soxboy says:

    Anychance of
    chasityval.com and
    haley-model.com Picture Sets PLEASE!!!

  336. Anonymous says:

    so, do you have Avena Lee photosets? I have sent you an email but you don’t reply me. you did not replied me from the comments neither…

  337. PommeDeReinette PommeDeReinette says:

    avaglam model please !

  338. Anonymous says:

    Got a site rip called “Private Society”. It looks like regular, non-pornstars, but filmed in 1080p. Just shy of 98 Gigs total size. Would you be interested in this as trade? I love this site, but I cannot get the VIP treatment :(

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Sorry for the late reply, we have far to much siterips in our queue at this point so anything at the size of 98 gb wouldn’t be interesting unless it’s something we really are looking for, maybe in the future but for now we gotta start posting some of the stuff we have to free up some data storage.

      • Anonymous says:

        Okay, and thank you for the reply. I cruise through your site every day for those rare moments you drop a free Bailey Knox download! Great site!

  339. Anonymous says:

    can you upload the seanna teen files as smaller sets?

  340. Anonymous says:

    misty gates and brooke marks webcams please

  341. Anonymous says:

    Luciana model bonus level 4 video that just came out and the new allstar video level 3 that just got posted would be video i would pay to see if you have access to those bonus levels…

  342. Anonymous says:

    Anything from maxisma?

  343. Anonymous says:

    Could you please fix the links for Annette Schwarz stuff, especially the Totally Annette siterip? Thanks

  344. Anonymous says:

    Can someone split up the Beyonce VMA 2016 performance into smaller pieces? Taking 2 days to download a 2 gig file is ridiculous. 500mb would be better

  345. Anonymous says:

    Would love Hailee Steinfeld performances

  346. Anonymous says:

    please upload britney spears live and more hd

  347. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to see some Carrie LaChance

  348. KathyJudd KathyJudd says:

    Anyone have any older DVDs of model-gabe before her retirement by chance?

  349. Anonymous says:

    Really wanted to know if you guys could find some Natasha Yi (the Korean nude model). She used to have a site where members could pay for a “VIP section” for nude videos of her stripping. It’s so hard to find her vids anywhere nowadays (it was just as hard back then too). A siterip of her would be nice.

    Another girl I also wanted to see is Natalie Sparks (the sexy one who used to do videos with Kate from Kate’s Playground). She had a site called nataliesparks.com and then wildnatalie.com. A siterip of both those sites would be nice as it is just as hard to find videos of her nowadays as well, just like Natasha Yi.

  350. Anonymous says:

    Do you have more updates to the Harriet Sugarcookie siterip?

  351. KathyJudd KathyJudd says:

    Found Older Gabe Models but need an account with depfile. Any way of transferring the files to keepshare?

  352. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    Alluring Vixens Model Ashlyn – Black String Bikini
    Her newest set:

    Are you able to get this?

  353. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    Seriously, you guys are the best :) so quick too.

  354. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    What about Donna from Medellin Teen Models?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Yeah its in the queue, we have a shit ton of stuff to post, really just need time to compile and organize everything… just hang on

  355. reborn_drako reborn_drako says:

    Your Jeny Smith siterip was awesome, are you guys planning on an update?
    Also a Pedasstrian siterip would be totally appreciated.

  356. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    Do you have videos and picture sets of this babe?

    Mia from Traci19


  357. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    Do you guys have a siterip for Club Justene Jaro?

    Or looking for any sets by her sister as well, Dawn Jaro.



  358. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    Any Megapacks for Katie Kox (pictures or videos)?

  359. Anonymous says:

    I shall add I already have these clips: freya-sister, leopard, red straps, hot tub. If there is moar, then moarrr! ^samefag btw

  360. KathyJudd KathyJudd says:

    Does anyone have any of [email protected]’s Daddy’s Little Monster? Or any of her newest videos?

  361. Anonymous says:

    Anybody have the picture set for Emilianna’s bigtitsatwork scene? It would be most appreciated since brazzers deleted the scene :(

  362. Imreadyforfun Imreadyforfun says:

    requesting a siterip for XIMENA GOMEZ

  363. Anonymous says:

    Heidy model. Part of tbf and ttl

  364. Anonymous says:

    Alejandra jimenez bonus level 4

  365. HalfBach HalfBach says:

    Site needs more Keri Sable! ;)

  366. Ladiesman217 Ladiesman217 says:

    how do I increase my k2c bandwidth daily limit????

  367. Ladiesman217 Ladiesman217 says:


  368. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    Any more of Andrea Restrepo? Potential to make a new megapack with her 2016 stuff? I know there’s a megapack with stuff form 2015…Thanks!

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Maybe we can do this later, got a lot of siterips and megapacks queued that we must post so we can move them over to archive disks.

  369. Anonymous says:

    please post more from Beyonce live at rock in rio

  370. HalfBach HalfBach says:

    Anyone have any Claudia Fijal? From claudiaxo.com – Site is dead now though. She also had a solo site before that – sweetclaudia.com (also dead) and was on florida sun models dot com as well.

  371. Anonymous says:

    alicia aemisegger please, she has a lot of content!

  372. DSouth79 DSouth79 says:

    Any Tara Tainton?

  373. Anonymous says:

    how about some gina gerson

  374. soxboy soxboy says:

    would Love a TastyTrixie pic set RIP

  375. Anonymous says:

    how about some Karen Dreams yea and rup of Kates PG stuff thats dead.

  376. soxboy soxboy says:

    Hot chick would be a awesome addition JosieAnn.com pics+vids
    Looks a little like Courtney Kardashian

  377. Anonymous says:

    The Collector

    can you upload Angelina ivy mixed magazine videos ?

    You uploaded mixed magazine, but please upload Angelina ivy mixed magazine videos. And please, only for Angelina ivy give free link. Beacuse we dont use vip.

    The collector, you are big uploader.

    Thanks. ( please read and deletede this message.)

  378. Sangri31 Sangri31 says:

    Is there anyway to get Sexy Pattycake’s Daddy’s Little Monster vids and her new Sally Vid?

  379. Anonymous says:

    Hey do you have videos with some of the philflash girls Emma Mason or Megan summers ?

  380. supafly supafly says:

    Some of the recent TBF bonus stuff would be sweet, if it’s possible to get it. Specficially “Mary, Luisa And Yeraldin – Mesh and Lace” and “Luciana – Shining Stars”.

  381. Eldrige_Moor Eldrige_Moor says:

    Do you have Satin and Arrianne sets from suicide girls? Though other suicide girls would be great too.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Surely we can do some work on this content, all of it… just wait a little we’ll check how large everything is, suicide girls is pretty popular so it might be a big one.

  382. Anonymous says:

    Can you please re upload Brianna Love Picture Sets Megapack?

  383. Anonymous says:

    hi please upload pakege all performance britney spears

  384. Anonymous says:

    TRUMP 2016!

  385. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    Any chance for an Alanah Rae or Jayden Jaymes Picture Set Megapack?

  386. morguemunky morguemunky says:

    silver models content. I.E silver-angels, silver-pearls…

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Working on a ton of silver models and pearls and whatever these studios names, the problem is sorting everything out, i’ll do some work on this and try to get em on the site asap

  387. Eldrige_Moor Eldrige_Moor says:

    Could you get some of the ladyboys gold models?

  388. Anonymous says:

    im looking for any full length destiny model and shannon model stuff – already have kissingmodels videos and found a bunch of shorter destiny vids here http://soledivine.freeforums.org/florida-teen-model-very-rare-megathread-t1729.html?mobile=mobile

  389. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    Can you do picture/video collection for Gianna Michaels? Awesome video btw

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Maybe… we usually don’t do pornstar video megapacks anymore as they end up being 100gb+ in size and it’s difficult for users to download them due to size and the demand of them is very tiny as there’s literally a million other sites doing those kind of packs. If we do a pornstar pack it’s going to feature stuff you won’t find anywhere else from our own archives, as non on the team is a huge gianna michaels fan our compile of a pack would just be a duplicate of whatever else is out there to download.

  390. ok2speed ok2speed says:

    Blueyed Cass Princess Leia Slave Girl Pics and Camshow

  391. eos666 eos666 says:

    found a whole bunch of destiny model VCds here but they all have passwords on them.. posting it here in case anyone has the pw or knows a way to crack it: http://www.2shared.com/qs/name-za/20/DestinyModel-VCD

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Good find, bruteforcing can be done but it will take forever if the password is too long, i’ll save the files for the future though.

  392. Sephiroth7e2 Sephiroth7e2 says:

    Hi ! Do you think about upload some Sweet Krissy, Sandy Summers and Molly model/online stuff ?
    Thanks for all the content :)

  393. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    Can you guys do a Luciana pack from TBF?

  394. shimmyx20 shimmyx20 says:

    Do you have any more Marisa Teen/Model/Heaven content?

  395. HalfBach HalfBach says:

    I’d love to see the missing sets from Marisa Teen as well and the DVD she did for that site (her first one) that included her trying on different outfits in her bedroom, a great shower scene, and an even better bathtub scene. lol

  396. bigzmissing bigzmissing says:

    any Webe models (Sandi or Allison) Pics collections or Vids? … that or Silverstars Kleofia? thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a siterip of 86 photo sets of silver starlets kleo (about of 34.5 gygabytes), but i need recents vídeos of dayaanna or dayaannacam4 or dayana perez sosa; & missy model early sets siterip hehehe) if you want interchange with me………………

      • The Collector The Collector says:

        We probably have the silver starlets content but at this point its helpful to us if we can get it in a sorted manner.

        Contact me and let me know how you want to initiate a trade.

  397. Anonymous says:

    I am looking vídeos of Dayana Perez Sosa aka dayaana or dayaanacam4 (the most beatiful and hot colombian webcamer). !!! PLEASE !!!

  398. Anonymous says:

    I am looking vídeos of Dayana Perez Sosa aka dayaanna or dayaannacam4 (is the most beatiful and hot colombian webcamer). !!! PLEASE !!!

  399. bigzmissing bigzmissing says:

    any Fetish Lady Anja or Fetish Lady Vanessa Fetish Lady Ann / any Elise Erotic ?

  400. bigzmissing bigzmissing says:

    Alissa Model (Alissa P ) from Candydolls?

  401. bigzmissing bigzmissing says:

    Kleofia Model?

  402. eos666 eos666 says:

    looking for christina model videos 2, 11, 16 – they are not in the megapack, do they even exist?

  403. morguemunky morguemunky says:

    SexyPattycakes newest member only set Darth Patty.
    Looks like tons of pussy slips and a simulated blowjob with actual male participant.

  404. Anonymous says:

    Please Reupload This Video..I beg you…please please please
    Video Name: bianca beauchamp leopard fox

  405. bigzmissing bigzmissing says:

    any Kleofia from Sliver Etc? Or Alissia P

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      all of it just need more time, there’s a lot to post and very little time to do it, we’re pushing out best as we can!

  406. Katep99 Katep99 says:

    Hi just a quick request for Swimsuit-heaven.net and nextdoor-models.com

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      swimsuit heaven has been posted but there’s probably a lot of updates, nextdoor-models is huge, over 200gb i believe, will split up and post in several of packs to make it easier to grab.

  407. Anonymous says:

    Hey Boss i just request only one video.Why you ignore me??

    Video name: bianca beauchamp leopard fox

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      i’ve only made the commitment to restore links for our vip users, it was to much to restore for everyone, to many requests my friend, but i did yours now so check the post again, have a good day

  408. Anonymous says:

    Thank yo so much boss…You are really great…You saved my life……………………..

  409. bigzmissing bigzmissing says:

    Sorry to bother you…but asking about “Kleofia from Silver Stars” and “Candydoll Alissa” “Candydoll Valensiya… Either of those coming soon? I see Eve (candydolls) and other Sliver stars from the past…Just wondering.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      It’s a priority for us to get on top of the silver content, we’ll try to push atleast one this week, but no warranties the content is huge over 300gb and needs to be sorted through so we don’t post a million duplicates. By the way, as a vip you’re always welcome to use our vip only chat, you’ll find this on the front page and on the vip only page.

  410. bigzmissing bigzmissing says:

    I tried, but after typing it wouldn’t send…Ill see if its a simple thing I missed.

  411. tom tom says:

    New Bailey Knox content would be great

  412. bigzmissing bigzmissing says:


    ps…any leather fetish///Lady Anja…Lady Vanessa thanks

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Explorer, huh? alright our web guy did some changes, should work now, press F5 first to refresh the page i guess… Lady Vanessa yeah, can put that in the queue as well.

  413. eos666 eos666 says:

    are there any vids of alexis from ftm other than whats in the ftm pack?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      probably, we never tagged her as a model as she was featured so little, but maybe we should go back and tag those posts.

  414. eos666 eos666 says:

    I think you should :)

  415. unrealgamez unrealgamez says:

    Hey Ive requested a bunch of older videos be re uploaded any possibility that will happen soon?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      all of them was re-uploaded, every single one that you posted on, just revisited the page a few days after you request and the links should be working.

      I suggest you bookmark the page you request re-upload for easier finding of them later, we don’t bump single posts to the top when we re-upload… but we bump siterips to the top when we re-upload. That way if you request a lot of stuff that’s single releases you might miss that we re-upload them, but check the comment section that’s available on the frontpage sidebar for stuff we comment on, or just bookmark the posts you want re-uploaded and visit them a few days later to find your working download links.

  416. Anonymous says:

    does anybody have full video of yumi sugarbaby from harriet sugarcookie

  417. unrealgamez unrealgamez says:


  418. Anonymous says:

    full videos of yumi sugarbaby and harriet sugarcookie from http://harrietsugarcookie.com/

  419. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    Any more Andrea Restrepo content?
    Is this available:
    Andrea – Keeping Cool

  420. Anonymous says:

    any chance of getting some of the stuff Sara Luvv is posting to manyvids?

  421. Anonymous says:

    Thinking about subscribing, but do you guys update site rips like TTL (teen beauty fitness?) thanks!

  422. goldengunnz goldengunnz says:

    Taylor Vixen siterip?