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Hey there! :) Welcome to xxxcollections.net frequently asked questions page, here you will find answers to the most common questions we get.

Who are you and what is this website about?

We’re a group of individuals that have been collecting pictures and videos of celebrities, internet models, pornstars and other hotties that we’ve came across since the dawn of the internets. On this website you’ll find our unique collections of siterips, megapacks and single releases posted with previews and easy download access. If you stay awhile and browse our collection you’ll quickly find out that we’re nothing like the other porn sharing sites out there.

We keep an constant eye on whatever is new out there as well as follow all the classic models and whatever things happening around them we post the content if available to us. We have a vip members area where we post the most rare content, you’ll find full siterips, megapacks and collections of classic models from the early internet to new stuff that’s just rare for various reasons.

With the recent advances in technology and the general downfall of porn (we firmly believe that with the rise of social media and sites like onlyfans the quality of porn has degraded) we spend more and more time remastering old content making it look the best it can while maintaining natural skin tone (we hate over smoothing / social media filters), we always use the best source material available and we always keep the originals for the future advancements in technology and potential re-remasters.

Due to the immense amount downloads we offer on this website it’s possible you run into links that are dead/broken.
We give a 100% re-upload warranty on all files to our vip users no matter how long ago the file was posted!

So the TLDR is:

  • We post brand new content daily in both the vip section and regular free for all sections.
  • Our vip section features old and new content that’s rare and very hard to find elsewhere.
  • We are long time no lifers with a huge archive of old rare stuff, as well as access to the latest stuff!
  • We have great knowledge of tech and video processing, our remasters are the best quality.
  • With vip access you get 100% re-upload warranty on all no matter how old they are!

How do i join and become a vip member?

Follow the steps in this guide to get access to our vip section!

You can also get vip access by becoming a supplier and provide us with content we want.

Here are some of the things you’ll enjoy with your vip membership!

  • Get access to the most rare and high quality vip content!
  • Get access to 9904 hidden updates that only logged in vip users can see!
  • Missed a time limited download? No problem! They are all available in the vip archive forever!
  • Sometimes we protect files with capatcha, but this never occurs if you are a vip member!
  • We give vip members a 100% warranty of re-upload on all files no matter how old!
  • Exclusive remastered content and original edits not available anywhere else!
  • Hidden vip only chat where you can ask questions and talk to other like minded perverts!
  • With premium access you download without waiting and at maximum speed!

How can i download at full speed without any waiting time or annoying captchas?

With premium access you download at full speed without any waiting time and simultaneous downloading!

Watch this video demo below to see how easy downloading is when you have XXXcollections vip access !

How can i easily find exactly what i am looking for on this website?

As the website archive grows its becoming harder and harder to find what you are looking for, there are several of ways to search the website, beneath we will go over some of the ways you can search the site to better find what you are looking for.

The main search window is a global search, it searches everything. If you enter a category or tag section and look to the right sidebar you will find a search box that is specific to the location you are in.

search guide

So lets say you are browsing the siterip/megapack category as the example above you will see a search box for that category in the right sidebar, this search is limited to only search this category. The same logic applies to everything on the website, you can go to a specific model and use the red search box for that model etc.

You can also start typing and model name in the search box and found tags with these models will be displayed, you can then select the appropriate tag to go directly to them. Once you are inside the models tag you are interested in you can then use the red search box the right to search only that models posts.

search guide

To limit your searches into the specific model/category may help you find what you are looking for. A good way to find the specific section to start searching is to visit studios / babes / categories / tags index.

What is the password to the downloaded rar and zip files?

The password to all our files is always xxxcollections.net with small letters.

Notice that sometimes old versions of winrar will complain that the password is wrong even though you’ve entered the correct password. Make sure you have a rather new version of winrar, 7zip or unarchiver (mac), all our files are packed with winrar version: 6.x

If you downloaded a file from our vip chat community they may or may not use their own passwords to protect their files, we do not offer any support for these files, you have to ask them for these passwords.

How do i extract / unpack rar or zip archives?

At least 98% of all “password problem” reports we receive are bogus due to users either using old/inferior software for extraction of files or their internet connection dropped while downloading resulting in an incomplete download therefor the file cannot be extracted. To extract the rar or zip archives i recommend using 7Zip or WinRAR.

Since many people have contacted us regarding extracting issues i’ve made a video how i do it using winrar.

PC users can download 7zip to extract files for free here: https://www.7-zip.org/download.html
PC users may also use winrar to extract file, software is trial version: https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
MAC users can download unArchiver to extract files for free here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-unarchiver/id425424353?mt=12

Things to think about before extracting a rar archive:

  • All rar/zip archives are protected with password xxxcollections.net and nothing else! *
  • Make sure you have all parts of the rar acrhive in the same folder before extracting.
  • Make sure you have an up to date version of 7Zip, WinRAR or unArchiver.
  • Make sure you have free storage space on the drive you’re extracting to.
  • When extracting massive files (4.3gb or larger) make sure you extract to a hard drive with a compatible filesystem. **

* If you get error message that the password is wrong, either the download was corrupted because your internet connection temporarily disconnected while download was in process or the archive is corrupt on the server (extremely rare). Please try to download twice before asking in the comment field for a re-upload.

** Some older USB hard drives may be formatted with FAT32 filesystem, this means the hard drive can only handle single files up to 4.3gb each. When extracting larger files than 4.3gb on a hard drive with FAT32 an error will occur at the point where the extraction has reached the file size limit for the filesystem. Use google how to find out how to format your old usb hard drive to use a more modern filesystem such as NTFS so you can store larger files on it (WARNING! When formatting your hard drive you will loose all data currently stored on it!).

I extracted a video file but i cannot play it using any of my media players, why?

Make sure you use competent extraction software like our mentioned 7Zip or WinRAR (windows), unArchiver (mac) etc. If you use bad software (like windows 11 built in extraction) you may be able to extract a file but the extracted file is still encrypted without you knowing it, this happens when badly written software is used and tries to extract an archive that is password protected but the software used to extract does not understand it is password protected and will just extract the data inside the archive without a password meaning the extracted files remain encrypted and cannot be played.

One of the RAR archives was corrupt, what can i do?

We add a 3% recovery record to all archives so they should never be corrupt but if for some reason it was, post back in the thread where you found the file and we will get back to you.

Notice: Old versions of winrar may report archive as corrupt, try using a newer version or get 7Zip it is free.

I tried to extract one part of a megapack and it said i had the wrong password?

First of all, you must download all the parts to make a fully successful extraction, if you have missing archives when extracting you may get errors like wrong password and stuff like that.

Protip: Download all the archives, place them in the same folder, then start the extract from part1.

Can you explain the icons and the color codes on this site?

All titles have different color codes and they represent the following:

Pink title = Celebrities
Yellow title = Internet Models
Red title = Pornstars
Light blue title = Other & Unsorted
Orange title = Crazy & Extreme Sex

You may also come across these icons!

= Brand new stuff, it’s either newly released or new to us.
= Only VIP members can see the download links for this post.
= Time limited post. Either it disappears into the hidden area or it becomes available for all if already in the vip area when the undisclosed time is up.
= Only logged in VIP members can see this post.

Girls just wanna have fun!

What is AI enhanced and remastered videos and pictures?

For our own exclusive remastered content we always take great care to use the best source material, we also hand pick the best filters for each remaster, we also use other methods of upscaling taking a lot more time to process then regular upscale because we output each frame as a lossless image and then we apply filters to each frame using custom scripts, the end result is a sharper better image and better maintained skin tone and less smoothing with deeper colors. We prefer to make great remasters over posting many, quality over quantity.

All our own remastered content is always located in the exclusive original edits category, other enhanced content may be posted but we cannot guarantee top quality for the content we have not processed on our own.

In due time all content we love will have been remastered using our great techniques but it will take time so please be patient.

Below you can see a simple demo of remastering difference, we achieve these great results by using the techniques mentioned above.

Image 1 Image 2
Drag the slider to see the difference!

I found broken / dead links, can you re-upload and replace them?

If the files you’re trying to download are down can report them by writing a comment in the field below the link and we will re-upload them.

Always click the link and verify it is indeed down before you report it. Sometimes we may protect certain files from takedown using a captcha system, this system only affects anonymous users and not vip users. These files are usually files that are commonly taken down by bots that report them. Therefor its always recommended to click links instead of using download managers statuses because it will give wrong link status if the file is captcha protected.

Link is down!

All re-upload requests are processed once a week, some files will take longer to process than others. Every time we re-upload something we leave a comment letting you know about it and you can keep track of recently re-uploaded content by visiting our 400 most recent re-uploads page.

Note Please avoid “thank you” spamming after your re-upload has been issued, we understand and appreciate that you’re thankful for us replacing the dead link, but it clogs our system that has to deal with a lot more stuff and it’s a waste of everyones time and resources. We thank you for not thanking us :)

I cannot bypass the Cloudflare “Verify that you are human” please help!

For whatever reason sometimes people have issues bypassing the cloudflare bot protection even though they are a human. This issue can often be resolved by the following simple solution:

When you are on the page where it asks you to verify that you are human, hold CTRL and then press F5, when you do this you force the browser to reload the page and the cache related to the page, this should resolve the issue.

If your issue remains don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll see if we can help.

When i click the direct download button it does not open all the download links, why?

This is because your browsers is set to disallow popups, if you want the direct download button ( ) to work for multiple links you have to whitelist xxxcollections.net to open popups.

To fix in firefox: Open settings > Search for “Pop” > Click “Exceptions” next to “Block pop-up windows” > Add xxxcollections.net

To fix in chromium browsers: Open settings > Search for “Pop” > Click “Site Settings” > Click “Pop-ups and redirects” > Click add next to “Allowed to send pop-ups and use redirects” > Add xxxcollections.net

Same general method should work for most browsers, find the settings page and find the allow popups and whitelist our domain.

The direct download button turns green ( ) when you click it, this way you can easily keep track of what you’ve downloaded. Please note we utilize the local data storage in your browser to store this data so if you change browser/clear local browser cache this data will disappear.

I saw a post that was time limited, what if i missed them?

Sometimes we post time limited content on our website, this content is automatically moved to the hidden VIP members only section after an undisclosed amount of time has passed. The posts will remain in the hidden vip only section forever for our vip members to enjoy.

If you missed a time limited download you can always join our VIP membership program at any time and access the download again once you’ve logged in.

Time Limited Download

What is a temporary vip download?

When you see a temporary vip download it means it is temporary flagged as vip only and within a undisclosed amount of time the download links will appear for everyone. If you see content that is temporary vip we you re-visit the content at a later time or you can always get a vip membership and download everything instantly without waiting.

Temporary VIP

Do you take requests?

Yeah we do take requests! Check our requests page and post what you want and we will see if we can get it for you. No promises though, we do get many requests and it’s impossible to fill all of them!

Our VIP members get prioritized in requests but there’s no warranty even if you’re a vip member that we can get the stuff you want.

Where can i read news blog posts from the XXXCollections Crew?

Sometimes we post blogs and news about our website, you can find all of that in the blog & whatever archive

If this website goes down where can i read information about the down time / error?

If you experience issues with our website you should contact us and tell us about it. If you are unable to access this website you can get continuous updates regarding our technical issues on this simple wordpress blog.

Can i get automatic updates from XXXCollections.net?

You can subscribe to our RSS feed using any RSS reader and you’ll get an update every time something new is posted.

* Please note that VIP content and Crazy & Extreme sex content does NOT appear in the rss feed, you must visit our website for this content! Our RSS feed is also on a 10 minute delay so any mistakes we post can be corrected before they get published to the RSS feed.

With that we really hope you enjoy your stay here at xxxcollections.net

/The XXX Crew

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