Welcome to the VIP Member Access guide, read and follow the instructions!

VIP Babes!

VIP access is free with your 90 or 365 days TezFiles subscription so don't miss out and make the most out of your subscription by following the guide below to gain access to all our sexy babes!

What do you get with vip member access?

Here are some of the things you get to enjoy as a vip member!

  • Get access to the most rare and high quality vip content!
  • Get access to 12058 hidden updates that only logged in vip users can see!
  • Missed a time limited download? No problem! They are all available in the vip archive forever!
  • Sometimes we protect files with capatcha, but this never occurs if you are a vip member!
  • We give vip members a 100% warranty of re-upload on all files no matter how old!
  • Exclusive remastered content and original edits not available anywhere else!
  • Hidden vip only chat where you can ask questions and talk to other like minded perverts!
  • Hidden private file storage where you can access files directly in case of DMCA!
  • With premium access you download without waiting and at maximum speed!

Follow this guide to acquire your own vip membership!

Please follow the 2 easy steps below to acquire your very own vip access account, it won't take more than 2 minutes to complete!

Step #1

Click the banner below to visit TezFiles file hosting and buy your premium access for xxxcollections.net!

  • Note that only 90 days (3 month), 365 days (1 year) subscriptions qualify for vip access!
  • If you have issues getting visa / mastercard payment options to work please click here to read more...
  • Make sure you use the same email address for your TezFiles premium account that you intend to use for your vip access account on xxxcollections.net
  • If you are renewing vip access simply use the email you had previously and it will renew your vip access account connected with that email.
  • IMPORTANT! If only reseller is available as payment option make sure you pick "Silver Tier" 90 or 365 days, gold tier keys will not work on our site!
  • If any issues would occur during payment for vip membership you can always contact us and we'll help resolve the issues.

Step #2

Now fill out the information in the form below!

  • You will receive your vip login details via the email you gave us in the form below, so make sure this information is correct!
  • It may take a few hours for you to receive your login details, please be patient.
  • You can start downloading files that are visible to the public right away after purchase, you only have to wait for your personal vip login details.
  • Note that what you write in the "favorite models" field below may affect what you see inside our vip section, read more about this here

Account name? (Your nickname on this site, we recommend to use unique name that you haven't used anywhere else on the internet for your own privacy!)

Email address? (This is the same email address you use for your TezFiles account.) Your email address is always private, never shown in public or used to spam you.

What are your favorite models? (Let us know what you like!)

That's it! You've sucessfully applied for a VIP access account!

We review new vip access accounts everyday so keep eye out on your email inbox for the login information to arrive! While you wait for your vip access to be confirmed you can either read the frequently asked vip access questions below and check out our regular faq or start downloading the content that is already available to regular users on our website.

That's it for now, you'll hear back from us soon. Remember that our vip login email could go to your spam/junk folder.

/The XXX Crew

Most frequently asked vip access questions

VIP Babes!

How long does my vip access last?

VIP access lasts as long as your premium TezFiles account. If you have auto rebill enabled for your TezFiles account your vip access account will also auto renew but there may be a period of time between the rebill occuring and your vip access account being unlocked. If you are experiencing problems with auto renewal of your vip access account please dont hesitate to contact us.

Note: If you cancel your recurring subscription and decide you want vip access again after your account has expired you must follow the guide once more to re-enable your vip access.

I never recieved my vip access login details!

There can be multiple reasons for this, please check the following below:

  • Your vip access request is confirmed manually, so please allow some time for the email to arrive.
  • Sometimes the vip account details email goes into your junk/spam folder, please make sure that you check there before you contact us.
  • Sometimes your email provider is censoring you without your knowledge, if you have not heard back from us after 24 hours of time please contact us and provide us with an alternative email address so we can communicate with you.
  • If you purchased via reseller code remember that your vip request is only going to be valid once you redeem your reseller code via our affiliate link.
  • Some vip submissions are ignored because they are faulty and our system thinks they are spam, avoid spamming vip submissions, contact us instead.
  • If you think we've missed your valid vip submission please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll look into it.

I paid for premium but my downloads are still limited and slow, why?

The problem is most likely that you have subscribed to TezFiles but you have not subscribed to TezFiles via our link meaning your premium account is not connected with xxxcollections.net. To verify your current subscription status go to your tezfiles profile page and check the section "My subscriptions", if its empty that means you are not subscribed to xxxcollections.net, see the example below how it should look.

You can resolve this by contacting [email protected] and tell them to connect your account with xxxcollections.net then contact us in order to have your vip access setup, remember that vip access is only for 90 days or more subscriptions.

I have vip access but when i login it tells me it has expired!

All rebills are done manually and they are usually processed once or twice per day. If you are really unlucky it could be a 24 hour period until your account unlocks. If you have been re-billed and your account remains locked for more than 24 hours please contact us and we'll look into the problem!

I cannot pay with my VISA / Mastercard, help!

Right now there is issues with payment processing in some areas of the world due to banking industry cracking down on payment gateways for filehosting solutions. The payment gateway can only process a number of payments per hour so it could be feasable to try again in an hour and see if the visa & mastercard option appears, you can also email [email protected] and see if they can give you any advise on how to process your payment.

We are truly sorry about the big inconvience but due to the state of the world and banking industry cracking down against payments and applying sanctions to some parts of the world doing general business has become difficult, we hope you understand and know that if things were different it wouldn't be this difficult. Hopefully the crazy stuff that goes on in the world right now is temporary and everyone can get back to normal, but for now this is what we're stuck with, hope you can understand.

I want to cancel my account, can you help me with this?

To cancel your account simply login to your TezFiles.com account and once logged in check the main page where you find a menu to the right where it says "Next Rebill Date". If you have an active subscription you can cancel it by pressing the cancel subscription button and you will not be re-billed for the next billing period. Your vip access will remain active until your premium account expires.

I am logged into my vip account but there's still content i cannot see?

Yes, all posts with young non nude models are hidden from regular vip users by default, you have to "opt-in" (let us know) that you want to see this type of content in order to see it. You can read more about how to gain access to special intererest content by visting our regular FAQ.

I don't have money, but i really want VIP access! Is there anyway i can get it?

Yes you can get vip access by becoming a supplier of content we or our vip members want. Let us know if you're interested!

What are the rules for the vip chat?

The chat is an open space where people that have joined our site can talk freely, we try to keep an open mind and we don't apply that many rules but here are some things you should think about.

  • Do not share any download links or promote any type of pirated software in the chat, we have a zero trust policy to any pirated software to protect the safety of our members, its just too hard to know if a pirated software contains a virus and we don't want to deal with that "can of worms".
  • If you want to share content that's fine but do not put the files behind a paywall (like premium only links), it is preferred if you share using our official filehost or any file host that allow free downloads.
  • Do not sneak promote or try to shill for other sites that may or may have content you want. If you find content you want but you cannot download you can contact us and we'll look if it is something we want for our site or if it simply is something we already have but have not had time to post it yet.
  • NEVER EVER link to any sites that belong on the dark web, you know what type of sites these are, avoid at all costs. If site in question may have content you want you can contact us and we'll check it out and see if the content is ok for our site.
  • No doxing or email sharing please, this is an anonymous space where everyone is nobody and nobody is everyone.
  • Avoid posting embedded images if the sole purpose is to antagonize or push the limits of the chat, if your image is questionable and probably not wanted to be seen by everyone, then use [!] or [link] shortcodes when posting.
  • No opting-in or opting out in the chat, we don't have time to read it. Also please avoid trying to explain the opt-in system, if users are too ignorant to read our FAQ they clearly have no actual interest in seeing the content they are not seeing in the default setting therefor why even bother explaining it? It only makes us having to work harder dealing with people opting in then opting out.

Chat is open for everyone that is a member, but please remember that we cannot always moderate our chat so any download links that are linked in the chat by any of our members could technically put you at risk, this is your own choice to click these links.

Here's a list of special features in the chat you can utilize as you see fit.

  • Add shortcode [!] to your post if you want to blurr all embedded images in that post. [!] https://xxxcollections.net/404/img/21083-22059-10699.jpg
  • Add shortcode [link] to your post if you want to output all images as raw links. [link] https://xxxcollections.net/404/img/21083-22059-10699.jpg
  • Posting links without any shortcode attached will auto embed image links that end with .jpg .gif or .png, regular https links will be auto linked.
  • You can use our image upload tool to host your temporary images for the xxxchat, do not use the image upload tool to host images elsewhere.

  • List of available emoticons: :) :D :( :o 8-o :s :lol: 8) :x :p :$ :evil: :twisted: :cry: :roll: ;) :!: :? :idea: :arrow: :mrgreen: :kekw: :catjam: :heart:

Other than this please feel free to chat and enjoy your stay :)