Viewing Cinderella Story Juliet & Summer Shower Picture Set & HD Video 002


Throwback to when Juliet was gorgeous, sporting some of the best tits!

Size 114MB

Cinderella Story Juliet Summer Shower Set 002 002 Cinderella Story Juliet Summer Shower Set 002 007 Cinderella Story Juliet Summer Shower Set 002 008 Cinderella Story Juliet Summer Shower Set 002 023 Cinderella Story Juliet Summer Shower Set 002 026

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ok so this is what this site is now re post and re post and pay for the same shit i can find other places

  2. Tdatb says:

    Whaddya mean, “Throwback to when Juliet was gorgeous”??? She always was, and still IS, gorgeous! Unlike her homely friend with the once-great ass who has now become a walrus…

    • The Collector says:

      she looked very frail the last videos she was featured in, shes pretty but she was really pretty in these videos before whatever happened to her happened, maybe she had a baby?

    • Anonymous says:

      she looked beautiful by association to the gorgeous Summer.
      then they separated.

  3. xcguy says:

    Yes, this video is the same as in
    but this is 3 Mbps when the earlier is 6 Mbps. It might be good idea to remove the video from this and change the title to just Picture set but it seems they try to rob money for anything they can, sadly.
    Still it’s worth the posts as there are some reposts with better quality :)
    Thanks again!

    • The Collector says:

      the videos may not 100% be the same, the edits may differ, and if we delete this content people will ask for it, thats how it works. we just re-publish whatever they publish, if they publish old stuff as new so be it, its too much of a daunting task for us to track the exact content of thousands of models and what they are up to, its up to the end user to decide if they have this content already or if they dont, we simply offer it up for grabs if you want it

  4. xcguy says:

    Yes I understand that perfectly and I did not mean in general but in this case the video IS the same, same length by the second (0.02 s. diff according to Kinovea) but lower bitrate and new version is only 720p, earlier is 1080p so I just thought I’d help you a bit :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    For anyone here in the future, I checked and the video is shot-for-shot identical to the original, but at a lower quality.

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