Viewing Merry Christmas From XXXCollections Crew 2017!


We’re wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thanks to everyone who’s showed their support by joining as a vip member!

It’s definitely been an interesting year to say the least… I was hoping to see Nikki Sims go full nude this year… In the summer of 2016 Nikki Sims actually posted a preview image of a pussy which was suppose to be her, this was at the same time as Phil Flash was pushing out full nudes of her showing her big teen tits. I think she was about to make the move to go full nude but reconsidered and took away the preview pic… luckily someone saved it and we got a good shot of her pussy close up.

Merry Christmas 2017

Phil flash has really been doing gods work this year, his release of Princessblueyez aka Cassandra in high resolution seeing her pristine little jewel (clit) through her mesh panties in ultra high resolution was a treat to say the least, thank you for that. :)

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With that said, we hope you have a great christmas and a happy new year! :D