Viewing Nikki Sims “Takes a Break” To Find Her Happiness


Sadly today Nikki Sims announced that she’ll be taking a break to try to re-evaluate her life and find her happiness again. It does not come as a surprise we’ve felt her lack of enthusiasm on her camshows and her recent content, it has most likely been a struggle for her to keep going and when your enthusiasm fades so does your sexy spark.

Nikki Sims takes a break

We really hope Nikki Sims finds her happy and with that happy we also hope she continues to model be it non nude or whatever she wants to do… she is good at what she does and will forever have fans all over the world. Perhaps this is the end of a very long era, then all the 4 core phil flash girls would have moved on with their lives. They will all be missed :(


  1. Anonymous says:

    Getting that huge tattoo on her right thigh isn’t going to make Nikki happy. I think she is feeling the pressure to expose more and the latest content with the Diamond Bikini proves it. I don’t think she knows how to keep her revenue stream without doing more explicit content…

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      why she’s so against showing tits though? she didn’t really complain on Jerry Springer back in the day when she showed tits on public tv and Phil Flash is already pushing out topless shots of her regularly now so she might as well, her kids are going to know that mommy paid for the house and everything they had by posting scandalous pics on the internet anyway, but honestly why should she care? Look at girls that grow up these days, they are pretty much all non nude models on instagram and they are not getting paid… by the time her kids are old enough to realize mommy is a model it will pretty much be standard that good looking girls have scandalous pics on the internet period.

      She should be proud that she managed to build an entire economy around her tits, and continue to do that until it cannot work anymore… She would have a huge revenue increase if she went nude at this point, but in 5 years after that she might have to turn it up even more and pull a Bryci, and that i could see as problematic if i was her as well.

      Talking about Bryci, she is a funny story… she started doing hardcore first, then she realized the big mistake and tried to DMCA take down every single picture that had her with a dick in her mouth and reboot as non nude, eventually she just said fuck it and went hardcore again heh.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing stuff. With thanks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the first post. Getting that huge and what I personal think was an incredibly ugly tattoo was a very big mistake. IMHO I think that the tattoo was a failed attempt to find happiness. It ruined what otherwise was and still is a very beautiful woman . Her body has always been beautiful, just as she was in the beginning without tattoos, and she did not need to change it by adding ink. For me personally adding those tattoos, especial this latest one was like taking a magic marker and drawing a great big mustache, beard and glasses on Botticelli’s Painting of Venus. I gave up following her when I saw the tattoo, it made me very sad to see her ruin such gorgeous legs. I have been a quiet loyal fan of Nikki from the very beginning and I always supported her in what every she chose to do or not do, but that tattoo was the last straw for me, even though I still adore her as a person.
    I agree that had she gone a little more risque and maybe shown more nipple or even a playboy style pussy shot earlier in her career, she would have made tons more money quicker and been able to retire earlier and richer. But if you look over her entire catalog of content, lately it shows a lot of repetition, similarities and even boring stuff of late. And I think she is sick and tired of people bitching about every little thing. I can only wish her the very best and truly hope she finds peace, happiness and a contented sense of well being.

  4. Mooseybaby Mooseybaby says:

    Was a big big fan on NDN when she started out, but found myself less interested in her content as the years have gone by. With the greatest respect, she doesn’t appear to be ageing gracefully :-( We all have our own shit to deal with, most get to do it in private, there are plenty of stories of models lives not being as glamorous as it appears. Hopefully it is something as relatively simple as losing enthusiasm for stripping off on the internet after over a decade of being the object of many a teenagers wet dream.

    As for Bryci, I think her manager/boyfriend at the time would keep an eagle eye on forums and sharing pages for any hint of her early hardcore content, dishing out threats of legal action etc at the even the slightest suggestion of someone sharing the pictures. Like TC said, these days barely a shoot goes by that doesn’t result in cock and harry monk in her mouth!… Pretty face, but find the OTT plastic somewhat off putting!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I posted the first comment, and I agree with a lot of the sentiment that has since been expressed. Time and gravity are not friends to anyone and the need to do constant updates would be a drag to most anyone.

    I’ve read a number of articles over the years about Internet models and I think the communities where people live and their network of family and friends has a huge effect on a model’s behavior. Some women are smart and strong enough to be the Stormy Daniels type and just live their lives as best they can while doing adult erotica. I think other women are more uptight have reservations from the start and the people around them can affect how uptight they are over time. I have no insight into Nikki. But, as other’s have pointed out, she didn’t seem to start out very uptight. So, what caused the change? Boyfriend, friends, family, community or children? I have no insight. But I think if she isn’t prepared to move her adult body, into adult erotica, she should probably stop being an Internet model. Just my $0.02…

  6. Anonymous says:

    sad time! my Friday will be different this week

  7. Anonymous says:

    Damn…Gisele calls it quits and now Nikki is stepping away…

  8. Anonymous says:

    IMO today’s internet models pretty much suck and are forgettable compared to the originals during their prime. (late 90s/early 2000s) Katiesworld, Krissy Love, NextDoorNikki, Raven Riley, Bratty Brittany, AshleysCandy, Kate’s Playground, and Kt-So were always my favorites. Krissy was my overall favorite but literally vanished a decade ago. Ashley got hit by a car crossing the street and died a few years ago. KT-So is still a knockout but runs an extremely shady site, and apparently escorts. Time caught up with Katie, and her shows are the SAME thing over and over. Katie is a perfect example of someone that gave up years ago but is still raking in the bucks. Raven at least did a ton of HC during her run before calling it quits.

    I completely disagree with anyone that says something negative about Nikki’s aging. She is still in very good shape and her nonchat videos are at least creative and different. I knew something was up though when I saw that bizarre thigh tattoo. Unlike everyone else from that era who tossed in the towel long ago she is at least trying. I do hope she returns in time.

  9. Anonymous says:

    First poster back again. While I will agree that Nikki looks pretty good for a 34 year old mother, she is not the same as her 19 year old self. That is just reality. if you don’t see time, gravity and child birth having an affect on her appearance then perhaps you need to get eyeglasses or a new prescription. I don’t say that to be mean. I agree for her age and circumstances, minus some crap tattoos, she looks good. But she started 15 years ago. That is a long time. As has been discussed before, there is a limited market for 34 year old mothers prolonging a decade old tease. And you are also correct to say they try to make their videos different and entertaining. It probably helps to keep some people around as members. But I seriously doubt it draws in a significant number of new members.

    I think everyone knows she needs to either step up her game or just continue the tease until the tap runs dry. Once again, I have no insight, but the last photos and videos seemed to suggest an attempt to be more daring. And perhaps she is uncomfortable or unhappy going in that direction. Perhaps she will just decide to stop…

  10. Anonymous says:

    well she said “a break”, you guys think she will come back?

  11. Anonymous says:

    She’s already back. She is tweeting today and said she will cam next week…

    • guy2408 guy2408 says:

      She did tweet going on cam again but that is it, she not going to come back(my opinion) and the title for the show is “Let’s chat” so I think she is going to declare that she is retiring.

      • The Collector The Collector says:

        interesting, i hope you are wrong but i would not be surprised if she is ready to let it go.

        • guy2408 guy2408 says:

          Dont get me wrong Im finger cross that Im very very wrong!!!! but sadly in my nature Im not optimistic and you saw on her she ran out of ideas for new stuff :( Im follwing Nikki for years and she is the best for me and to make the next step is not what she wanted so time to say goodbye :( I preparing myself to the bitter end

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I think she doesn’t have it in her to take it up a notch. As she has been clearly trying to find some new cash streams, that must not be working out, or maybe she is just receiving additional input that people want her to drop the teasing. And let’s not forget (ahem Collector) there are plenty of people not paying to see her content…

  13. The Collector The Collector says:

    Appears the change is just she’s no longer doing the scheduled updates, also content will be more “random pics”.

    I think its safe to say Nikki has always put an big effort towards her content, most sets were shot in sexy lingerie etc, if you compare to models like Katie from Katies-world who have literally not left her bed since 2006 you can give Nikki some credit for her work even though it’s very little work compared to a regular person doing a 9/5 job.

    I guess updates will be coming in randomly, we’ll see if she gets her spark back, hopefully so, i think everyone would miss her jiggly titties.

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