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Various assorted stuff with Cali Skye.

Size 30MB

Cali Skye Updates Pack 001 001 Cali Skye Updates Pack 001 002 Cali Skye Updates Pack 001 003 Cali Skye Updates Pack 001 004 Cali Skye Updates Pack 001 005

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  1. bobsky bobsky says:

    No matter how much she’s changed, it’s always nice to get updates of Cali. I can’t help but feel sorry for her that her parents mismanaged her so badly. Her dad is a mediocre photographer who thinks he’s better than he really is. He used to photograph portfolios for wannabe models in Georgia and thought that qualified him to manage Cali’s career. Well, we’ve all seen how well that turned out. Sad, she could have made millions on OnlyFans.

  2. bobsky bobsky says:

    LOL Check out the third preview picture (bubble bath looking back over shoulder). Someone (badly) photoshopped a second vagina on her! Not only is it at the wrong angle, her actual vagina is still visible!

  3. Brutus85 Brutus85 says:

    Well, that’s just wrong!

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