Viewing Cali Skye White Ribbon Custom Picture Set


New custom pic set with gorgeous Cali Skye!

Size 49MB

Cali Skye White Ribbon Custom 005 Cali Skye White Ribbon Custom 008 Cali Skye White Ribbon Custom 011 Cali Skye White Ribbon Custom 026 Cali Skye White Ribbon Custom 029 Cali Skye White Ribbon Custom 038 Cali Skye White Ribbon Custom 055 Cali Skye White Ribbon Custom 057 Cali Skye White Ribbon Custom 058 Cali Skye White Ribbon Custom 062

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Finally another baby Cali custom set. I knew there were more out there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hoping for the videos of these new custom sets! They have to be out there someplace. This little pop tart had such an amazing body in her young braces days.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What is the password to open the download?

  4. bobsky bobsky says:

    Yes, it’s still asking for a password. And you’ve been told the password:

  5. bobsky bobsky says:

    Thank you so much for these newest customs from Cali! Still can’t get enough of her!
    Anyone know what she’s doing now? Just being a mommy? Is she still with the baby daddy?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks very much to the supplier of the newest customs by this little hottie. Hopefully this same person will share more soon as there has to be more out there including videos. These were shot in her earlier years as well when she was perfect in every way. Some if not all photographers back then got a real treat for sure.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes, if anyone has an update on what Cali is doing these days, please let us know. I hope she is doing well, baby, too. From a selfish standpoint, I would love to see her get back in shape (post baby) and get back into modeling or even take that final step into real porn. But I wish her well, whatever path she takes. But I certainly wouldn’t mind see her visit the Dogfart Studios for several scenes!

  8. ooterpuff ooterpuff says:

    Looks like she’s back on snapchat selling more sex vids since she got back with her baby-daddy. A little too expensive for my wallet from what she’s asking for. If they”re shitty quality like that snapchat sex vid that’s been uploaded everywhere, I don’t think it’s worth it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Please Please whoever is supplying the customs, please let us have more! We all know there are more sets/videos out there. Would also be great to talk to some of the photographers that worked with her other than dad. Im sure they have some great content not published as well to include what I have heard rumors about like the being able to touch and cum on and in her during the sets.

  10. Anonymous says:

    If she’s on snapchat selling vids again, why not just go do real porn and be done with it? I still hold out hope that she will go that way someday. I’d love to see her handle some serious BBC in the back door.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      please be advised, she’s scammed plenty of people via her snapchat, she should only be trusted if her dad is pimping her out hehe

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