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New pic set with milf Christina Model!

Size 55MB

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “all right all right all right”
    – matthew mccuckaughey

  2. swamianan swamianan says:

    time is a friend of no one

  3. Anonymous says:

    This ruins the fantasy and the reality for me of how she used to look in her twenties. Age is not some women’s friend. And don’t even get me started on those horrid tattoo’s.

  4. gurn19 gurn19 says:

    Now I know what she was doing in Vegas a few days ago. Hopefully, she shot some video while she was there too.

  5. Craftsman Craftsman says:

    For a girl that had a 40 year old’s boobs as a teen, she finally grew into those boobs.

  6. Dropship21 Dropship21 says:

    I’m gonna go against the grain here. 10/10 would go to pound town with her. She isn’t the bubbly/innocent 20 year old anymore but she is a MILF and a bit of a social/emotional trainwreck. So basically just my speed. 😄👍

  7. porgymas porgymas says:

    NN and porn has a short shelf life… one should never grow old in this business.. I was happy for Christina when she left and got married and started a new life… that failed and now this… same with Katie [Katies-World]… my favorite model is Kayley… it would truly hurt if I see her follow Christina’s path… a part of you want to see more and more… at some point it starts to take a toll on the model, then it’s no fun anymore… anyway, just my reflections… different for everyone

  8. Anonymous says:

    Christina looks Great! No I’m not a fan of the tattoos and hopefully she stops here with the tattoos. Otherwise father time has not stopped for myself either. Just as Christina has gotten older well surprise, surprise i have gotten old too. I have learned to appreciate things i can relate to. Sure 20 year playmates are great, but for real there is beauty in all forms. I used to hate 1970’s style Corvettes. Now I actually think they are kinda cool. So for those of you that hasn’t aged and comment on Christina’s looks today. You will get there someday I’m sure.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let me ask you all this! If Christina was in front of you right now butt naked shaking those big boobs in your face! How many of you would turn her down?

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