Viewing Dawn Avril Linge Rave 2 Picture Set


Not sure which era this pic set is, Phil closed her website so this may be one of the last sets published. Dawn Avril was damn sexy, phil is a lucky guy.

Size 26MB

Dawn Avril Linge Rave 2 007 Dawn Avril Linge Rave 2 009 Dawn Avril Linge Rave 2 010 Dawn Avril Linge Rave 2 028 Dawn Avril Linge Rave 2 031

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the term should be he “WAS” a lucky guy, they are now divorced and she took him to the cleaners big time.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      ah yeah i heard… american divorce law are ridiculous if you ask me. I hear Jeff Bezos (owner of amazon) is divorcing his wife too and she is going to become the richest woman on the planet. Considering how much money Phil probably has splitting it with dawn hurts but won’t sink his ship. He got to fuck her in the ass on the regular… he really was into some weirdo shit back in the day when he was doing private streams… He use to get dawn really drunk then stick his dick in her asshole… One time Phil and some motorcycle guy that looked old enough to be Dawns daddy fucked her on a stream too, she’s a real whore and their relationship was all sex and no real foundation i’m thinking. Just a matter of time before things become sour when you let some fat dudes fuck your wife you know :)

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