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First pack of updates with Dayana Medina from OnlyFans. It’s funny to think all of these sluts are now in the same appartment working for some pimp when they’ve been given the onlyfans platform they still have a middleman lol. Prove me wrong, all these videos seem to be filmed at the same place, Dayana, Britney, Mellany, Susana all look to be working from the same place.

Size 52MB

Dayana Medina OnlyFans Updates Pack 001 001 Video mp4 Dayana Medina OnlyFans Updates Pack 001 002 Dayana Medina OnlyFans Updates Pack 001 003 Dayana Medina OnlyFans Updates Pack 001 004 Dayana Medina OnlyFans Updates Pack 001 005

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Woot! Finally!

  2. The Collector The Collector says:

    i just noticed she has that piercing through her nose, this is a tell tale sign of a full blown whore, any chick with this piercing will eat ass, drink piss and whatever else, this is based on solid science i have been working on for the past few years, trust me i am from the internet

  3. valker650 valker650 says:

    I was talking to Susan’s pimp on chaturbate a while ago, he said he was trying to get Dayana to do 18+ content when she turned 18, which he said was Nov 2020. So yeah, I’d bet they’re working for the same guy

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      i dont get it though, the girls have a smartphone, the girls have the body, what exactly do they need the middleman guy for unless they are going to produce studio level stuff but they don’t, they produce low tier onlyfans content, what exactly is the guy doing? he ain’t fucking them on camera that’s for sure it’s all softcore stuff.

      • Anonymous says:

        a lot of a pimp’s job is redundant if the whores know how to manage themselves (which some do). so he’s other providing some sort of service (access to high paying johns maybe?) or he’s just manipulated them into thinking they need him is my best guess

  4. Brutus85 Brutus85 says:

    Y’all are all right, imo. I think the pimp’s first job is making the chics think they need him. Which are always that was dubious. It’s most dangerous for the girls when they are behind closed doors w/the Johns. Which is exactly where the pimps isn’t any help. As far as Onlyfans, it also takes an IT connection(poor is REALLY poor there, remember!), location, decent-ish photography/cellphone equipment. Maybe he’s doing something!? Who knows.

  5. Anonymous says:

    my take on ALL Of this is: seriously think about it . the pimp (lets say) maybe he’s Cartel Associate. Source- The Cartel is STILL ALIVE in South America. there are just quiet like REAL REALLY Quite now. most of what they do is Pimp’n 11-16 year olds why 14 is AOC in Colombia in case you gentlemen didn’t know this; now wit that being said. it makes sense especially in a country that has a reputation for its Glamour, Beautiful, Hot As Melted Butter Sexxxy as Fuck Women & Girls.(yes Girls too)i’m Just being Honest here. just cause you wanna close your eyes to the rest of the world doesn’t mean the world closes its eyes. my point is the pimps give them Security+Safety (Again it can be dangerous for a woman+girls living there), Management of Financial Services, A Place to reside within (not depending on there family for help). which is a huge thing for a teen+young adult trying to support themselves in a 3rd world & 4th world Area+Nation. like the LIST goes on and on and on.etc. its not rocket science to see WHY.look Angelita and other specific models did get themselvs Preggo at early Ages. like 14,15,16. Listen Dudes @ 13 – 19Years Old of Age in USA,UK,Germany,Canada or any EU Countries, Central-Eastern Europe is Financially Dire’ for them. what makes you think in 3rd and 4th world its Going to “GREAT LIVING” for them with ZERO Financial Issues ??? c’mon in the 1st adn 2nd world nations+countries they at least Social Services that’re Government operated and controlled, produced just for those exact reasons. but in South America ?? very Dire, VERY DIRE over there. this is No Disrespect to any one who’s family resides there or they themselves come from over there. were just stating some Hard TRUTH REALITY FACTS . thats all.
    again just think about All I Said.

  6. Anonymous says:

    These conspiracy theories are too much hahahaha. Can we all agree she is by far the hottest girl yet to come from ttl to Onlyfans? The fucking garbage from Britney and Mellany is horrible. Bad videos from mediocre models. Now we get the real deal

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Collector, it’s me again, Suzy Medina’s PH admin. First, your misogyny betrays your judgement. They are handled by a guy nicknamed Angus. I have direct contact with him. These were all taken in the span of a week along with the other girls. They were on Vacation in Cartagena and did their shoots the same way TTL did, multiple videos a day released over years. They have a middleman because of you and others who share their content without giving any money back. They are offered a month’s worth of wages and all the liquor they can drink and in return they give Angus thousands of dollars worth of content. It’s in response to all you guys shating Pamela’s hidden cam videos. Since you guys have no restraint, theae girls gotta get their cash before you steal it from them. I would ve jealous if I wasn’t making legit money through streaming and completely bypass the need for downloads.

    • Anonymous says:

      My guess mostly bullshit mixed with a couple facts. If you rep Susana on PH then get Dayana on there (PLEASE!!!) and stop with these stupid “insider” fantasies. Do something constructive

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