Viewing GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Picture Set 002


New pic set with Heidy Pino!

Size 191MB

GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 002 006 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 002 011 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 002 034 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 002 035 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 002 082 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 002 085 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 002 086 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 002 089 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 002 140 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 002 149

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Should be called the ransom set…what’s with the news

  2. Salmacis22 Salmacis22 says:

    Thank you Collector!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hoping for the video of this set!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Heidy went to school. She likes to read the paper now. :) …I really think these sets & vids WILL get better. …She is just starting back now. …But how beautiful Heidy is! …Thanks Collector!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t fix the chains on her top or double check her underarm shave..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Crap photoshop the best parts

  7. Anonymous says:

    Looks like tape over breast… 150 pics but so many pics are almost exactly like the one before and after… wasted opportunity

  8. Anonymous says:

    you see this is A MAJOR PROBLEM with Georgemodels Photography. Its Just like the other anon said. photo A1 all through Photo Z1 are LITERALLY the EXACT SAME POSE,STYLE and almost frame shot repeated over and over and over etc,etc Its JUST WASTED TALENT. sad and pathetic at the same damn time really it is. whats crazy is GM knows 90% of the Models were some of the MOST popular Teen Models of the internet(some still are)and is using that for a fanbase. but to quote and quote on wash,rinse and repeat,and over and over and over again. its just some damning repetitive photos. it discredits Heidy Pino’s beauty, work as a well known model in this industry. another thing i noticed is while i have absolutely nothing against skin colors,racial tones,cultures,etc. GM seems to “come off” with Heidy an atmosphere of Anglo Look if that makes any sense. sure she’s lither skinned but i can’t put my finger on it she looks MORE like Boring Playboy vs B4 she looked like Victoria’s Secret Model. if that HELPS explain what i ‘m trying to say here. i’m NOT to crazy about her losing her TCG/TTL/TM4B style and look. she looked better WAAAAAAAAAY Better in my eyes. but Hey nto every one likes what i like so it is what it is.

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