Viewing GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Picture Set 009


New pic set with Heidy Pino from GeorgeModels.

Size 171MB

GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 009 001 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 009 008 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 009 053 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 009 054 GeorgeModels Heidy Pino Set 009 109

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Man, I love Heidy, but i’m never gonna understand these fucked up yellow tinted pictures. What do the Photogs think the appeal is of that? :( …If I wanna see Art I’ll go to a museum!

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      ya georgemodels have some of the worst “artistic” touches to their content, video shot in weird aspect ratios, tons of bad filtering etc

      • BiGDiCKMCoY77 BiGDiCKMCoY77 says:

        i don’t get it either; its like they think its there “Signature” sytle of their photos with the models ?
        makes no sense whatsoever, maybe just MAYBE reason WHY they were doing what they in the first sets was to draw the attention of the FANBASE,and gain NEW FANS so then after they reached / achieved whatever goals they set, they reverted to what we SEE NOW.
        again poor Poor Production Management in my opinion.

  2. Jabur Jabur says:

    In my opinion, there should be more slips, back in TTL and even younger, we were able to see some nipples, pussy, etc. In fact, the first sets in George Models were fine.

    • BiGDiCKMCoY77 BiGDiCKMCoY77 says:

      which is WHY it MAKES NO FREAK’N Sense what they’re (we’ll) assume are / have been doing with there sets of the past couple of months maybe a year or so ?
      like what am I / WE the consumer is ACTUALLY PAYING FOR ? pretty Elder Teens Pose in Brights Lights with poor camera angels and no touch ups ?
      gtfo i’m NOT paying for that.

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