Viewing GeorgeModels Karisha Terebun Picture Set 197


New pic set from GeorgeModels with Karisha Terebun.

Size 56MB

GeorgeModels Karisha Terebun Set 197 004 GeorgeModels Karisha Terebun Set 197 007 GeorgeModels Karisha Terebun Set 197 011 GeorgeModels Karisha Terebun Set 197 046 GeorgeModels Karisha Terebun Set 197 055

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anna Vlasova and Karisha Terebun are by far my two favourites across this whole site, that I know of.
    Too bad both of them are such teases. But maybe that’s why I like them. I’d have to take a week vacation off if I ever found some more hardcore stuff though
    KT has like 5 (similar) nip slips in the TaoZips pack and that’s it, the rest are see through or barely see through stuff, same with Vlasova, except she has a few more slips from Georgemodels.Both have some EXTREMELY annoying edits for GM agency. The agency has discreetly blurred/content-aware/filled some of the pics. I hate it when they do bad edits like that/edits at all. The two models are pure art. It’s like tagging over a whole facade with a Tidemann / Gude landscape painted on.

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