Viewing Katies World 03/16/2020 01 HD Video


New video from Katies-world, i feel weird to say it but her content actually got worse, as if that is possible?

Size 480MB

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe not so much worse, but stagnant. It got worse post-2004 when she stopped doing lesbian shows. She even did one with a fuck machine! Unfortunately, as is the case with all of her early shows, it had no sound (which is simply inexcusable for any digital video post-1990s!). She has at least turned down the music and appears to interact with her viewers a shade more than before she began Chaturbate. But after 20 years, and she is still only going solo? What a waste of potential. There are other girls half her age that do twice more on Chaturbate and earn a considerable number of fans and their tips. Weird, weird, weird.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      her pencil dick over controlling boyfriend would not let that happen (again), the ridicule last time probably gave him ptsd

      so solo it is, very limited solo too, i feel like she loose a lot of appeal when she keeps dressing up like a 13 year old skater boy, just isn’t a good look for a 35 something mature woman. combine that look with that obnoxious awful music she blasts and you have a real boner killer.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, I know what you mean. I remember positively salivating whenever she dropped a ‘new’ video; maybe that would be the one where she actually does something different! I was almost always disappointed. Now, it is good to know that she is finally giving away for free what she has been charging for since 2000.

  2. Anonymous says:

    unfortunately she has a few long time patrons that drop hundreds if not thousands on her every week. they are probably getting access to her rare/hardcore stuff but its probably unlikely that it will ever get out unless her regulars dry up. but then again they do have a history of mistakes so they may end up broadcasting some more private stuff like the squirting all over the floor show she did a while back.

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