Viewing Katies World Boots & Glass Toy Payset 1918 HD Video


Katie looking hella thick, she really had some legs back in 2015.

Size 797MB

Katies World Payset Video 1918 BootsAndGlassToy 020421 mp4 Katies World Payset Video 1918 BootsAndGlassToy 020421 mp4 Katies World Payset Video 1918 BootsAndGlassToy 020421 mp4 Katies World Payset Video 1918 BootsAndGlassToy 020421 mp4 Katies World Payset Video 1918 BootsAndGlassToy 020421 mp4

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Her Chaturbate sessions have become sporadic, and her schedule on her website simply states, “TBD”. I wonder if Katie and Brannon are finally hanging up the dildos?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      I doubt, unless they found something else they can make money doing with very little actual work. Katie had to step up big time the last 2 years with this chaturbate stuff, she probably isn’t very happy with it considering before that she probably did only do around 1 week of work in the past 10 years.

      If you look at the older videos you’ll quickly realize they recorded with 8+ cameras from different angles on each “live show” she made, she usually just had 1 or 2 shows per month, the rest of the weekly updates came from different angles from the live shows meaning she only had to do 2 hours of work per month for like 10 years. They even went so far they started to re-release old videos but with a new year watermark as new content at the end before her chaturbate started.

      Now having to do this streaming bullshit and sit there for hours upon hours is isn’t a big deal to someone who has had a regular nine 2 five, but for Katie who has literally just had her late night evening masturbation session being what made her millions its probably a massive impact on her daily freedoms having to sit in front of the camera and cater to the people for many hours on end.

      If they invested their money they surely don’t have to do another day of work in their lifetime, but looking at their lifestyle it appears as early as 2001 they started living in luxury buying expensive cars, motorbikes, houses and tech, and this doesn’t seem to have stopped. Even when they sold their house and moved to an apartment you can tell they are still addicted to consumption and buy every single new trendy tech thing they can get their hands on.

      • Anonymous says:

        You make a lot of sense. She spent the previous two decades inserting various rubber dicks into her pussy with little variation beyond lighting, camera angles and (very) rarely, location changes. Furthermore, she is a holdover from Internet 1.0, when cam girls like her were not nearly as ubiquitous as they are today.

        Chaturbate is both a boon and a curse! A model who builds a solid fan base will probably also have a highly successful Only Fans business. However, Chaturbate is ruthless in exposing just how popular a model is. In essence, they are either popular, or not. To that end, I speculate that Katie and Brennon’s tried-and-true, 20-year-old methods are poor fan retention modes. There are legions of Chaturbators of literally all walks of life who seem to truly appreciate their fans and express that appreciation by offering creativity and variety. Sadly, Katie’s repertoire is as dated as it is stale. It might not seem so bad if the stuff you can pay for is any better, but as you pointed out, much of it is the regular show stuff from a different angle.

        In any case, I always wish Katie the best, and I hope that even if she does retire, she ends up doing something personally fulfilling.

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