Viewing Katies World Naked Oil Part #1 Picture Set 226


Throwback to year 2003 with Katie laying in bed all oiled up and ready to get her ass pounded because it isn’t sinning if you do it in the ass (Alabama logic :D)

Size 7MB

Katies World Set 226 nakedoil 01 002 Katies World Set 226 nakedoil 01 004 Katies World Set 226 nakedoil 01 013 Katies World Set 226 nakedoil 01 016 Katies World Set 226 nakedoil 01 021

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  1. Jasonsum2003 Jasonsum2003 says:

    Katie’s rise is very strange (She was on the ground floor of the Internet Adult boom) But, kinda of stayed in Limbo at one point she was doing a interview for Techtv Promoting her site maybe she still makes a good living But, she could’ve broke into mainstream XXX Work not sure how any of these woman can make any real money doing the Cam thing But, what do i know?

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      i believe katie is living under the rule of her boyfriend, he made her do this, and he continues to make her do this, and the limit he puts on the content they put out it 99.9% moderated by him. that’s why we can see her blown out asshole in her videos since year 2008 and yet we NEVER see her take shit up the ass. He is dominant and she is probably super submissive. He is essentially pimping her to the internet for over 20 years and it has made them enough money to buy a large house and such because they hit the boom of modeling.

      i believe her boyfriend was 24 when she was 15 and he started fucking her, he did release her nudes before she turned 18 and that got him into a lot of trouble.

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