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New lesbian tease with Michelle Romanis and Mary Mendez.

Size 416MB

Michelle Romanis and Mary Mendez OnlyFans Lesbians HD Video 221121 mp4 Michelle Romanis and Mary Mendez OnlyFans Lesbians HD Video 221121 mp4 Michelle Romanis and Mary Mendez OnlyFans Lesbians HD Video 221121 mp4 Michelle Romanis and Mary Mendez OnlyFans Lesbians HD Video 221121 mp4 Michelle Romanis and Mary Mendez OnlyFans Lesbians HD Video 221121 mp4 Michelle Romanis and Mary Mendez OnlyFans Lesbians HD Video 221121 mp4 Michelle Romanis and Mary Mendez OnlyFans Lesbians HD Video 221121 mp4 Michelle Romanis and Mary Mendez OnlyFans Lesbians HD Video 221121 mp4 Michelle Romanis and Mary Mendez OnlyFans Lesbians HD Video 221121 mp4 Michelle Romanis and Mary Mendez OnlyFans Lesbians HD Video 221121 mp4

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lools like all the videos Mary made with Mellany, Suzy and Dayana will be shelved indefinitely since Mary is with OF and the Sister fuckers are on Fansly

    • Anonymous says:

      Unless one has religious objections to incest, there’s no logical, non-religious argument against non-reproductive incest. The ONLY non-religious argument against incest at all is the increased chance of kids being born with genetic anomalies, which obviously can’t happen ever with lesbian incest. So unless you have a religious objection to incest (in which case, why are you even here, since objecting on those grounds would mean you should be objecting to EVERYTHING on this site?) then who cares if they make out, finger and lick each other?

      Also, it should be noted that just because the sisters are on Fansly and Mary is on OF, that doesn’t mean they can’t still collaborate and release shared content on their respective platforms. Some of the content being released by the sisters on Fansly is still content they had previously produced for OF but hadn’t released there yet. I’m not sure how OF would respond to Mary having content featuring banned individuals, but there’s nothing preventing Mary from featuring in the content that the sisters release on Fansly, and the sisters sharing their profits from those pieces with Mary for her participation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Allow me to clarify the situation so everyone’s well informed. Susana,Dayana, Mellany, Britney, Mary, Michelle and a few others are pat of the same “modeling group” and are all basically employees of a company owned by Michelle’s Family. The person in charge recruited some models, however Susana and Dayana were already working with Brent Harraksingh. A third party, now known to be the head of MegaMilfs, basically discouraged Susy and Dayana from working with Brent, due mostly to his insistence they perform hardcore videos. Brent had set up a new website and was planning on re-establishing a new, better version of TCG, however after dealing with Suzy and what he deemed her “low level of intelligence” he decided to give it all up and now runs a Competitor to this site, which he claims nets him much more than what TTL made him. However, Brent was left “holding the bag” while Susy and Dayana went on to perform for Megamilfs, meaning he had content he could no longer use and lost lots of time and money in the process.

        I was part of Brent’s new plan, and I lost out because someone decided to scalp and lie. I convinced Suzy to let me stay on to help promote her brand, and I mostly dealt with DMCA claims and ran her Pornhub account. I communicated with her, and Brent, through Discord, and would mostly keep her updated on her Pornhub stats. Then after noticing Suzy’s laziness I began to wonder if she even wanted to keep promoting herself since she basically lets someone else run her accounts. I tried communicating with MegaMilfs but that did not go well. Shortly after, Suzy asked me to give her back her account, which I did, and got nothing in return, and she began claiming I stole money from her and I was ruining her profits by “giving videos away for free” on Pornhub. I did not appreciate that. So I decided I was going to retaliate in a dramatic fashion. I was aware Mary was joining their group, and I know how they operate their business so I knew all sisters had made videos with her. I also knew all sisters violated Onlyfans’ Terms Of Service dead to rights. You can make the argument that it was not incest, or it was light touching or whatever, but Onlyfans deemed both sets of sisters committed incest and they were swiftly banned. Make the argument about the morality and legality of incest all you want, it’s still illegal in those jurisdictions in which Onlyfans operates as a business.

        All it takes is a single click and poof! Tens of Thousands of dollars lost by Megamilfs, and hundreds of dollars lost by the models. The Company, for whatever reason, nets most of the profits, and they distribute the earnings to the models, instead of the models just opening a fucking bank account and running their own fucking money, but I digress. Mary can’t sell her stuff with the sisters on Onlyfans, the sisters are not allowed back on the platform so all the nearly dozen videos shot will be shelved indefinitely, the sisters lose all their fans and momentum, and through all of this I teach those bastards not to fuck with my money.

        • Anonymous says:

          you’re saying if things went different we could have had some of our favorite of the classic ttl models getting fucked on camera? what a disappointment! I guess seeing yeraldin and thaliana gettting gangbanged will only be a fantasy

        • Anonymous says:

          Thanks for your testimony Tito

        • Anonymous says:

          Not sure how much if any of that is actually true. There are several aspects of what you claim above that don’t logically fit together, and also don’t fit with the way digital content ownership works, or with what the general public is able to observe from a variety of other (non-you) sources. Whatever the truth is, you definitely seem to overestimate your importance and power, and your ability to affect others. Whatever may or may not be true of what you stated above, I think you’ll find in the long run that, at most, you’ll amount to little more than a speed bump in the lives of those girls and their financial situation. Also, I suspect the other poster is likely correct in identifying you as Tito. Your manner of speech, general personality, and overestimation of yourself all sound exactly like him. But have fun getting off on your little fantasy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Your parents must be proud. What did your mom say when you came out the closet?

        • Anonymous says:

          you only clarified that youre an idiot dude,and the worst thing is youre even proud of that,i miss the times when people like this didnt have a need to show that to everyone,cause they were ashamed

  2. Anonymous says:

    Watching this video, I have to say, the talk about Mary getting boob and butt enlargement surgery are incorrect. Those tits are definitely natural, and so is her ass. She simply put on weight, and most of it went to her boobs and butt. You can tell by looking at her thighs, shoulders, and ribs, all of which also got thicker. There are no scars anywhere. Her boobs change shape in a natural manner as she lays back or has her tits squeezed, and so does her ass. She didn’t have surgery. She just got thick. This is why I love Latinas! When they get thicker, most of it goes to all the right places!

  3. Anonymous says:

    sister fuckers. lol. Was the content hardcore or just soft core crap? Any lezy content?

    • Anonymous says:

      Britney and Mellany have french kissed each other briefly, rubbed and sucked each other’s tits, and rubbed each other’s pussies briefly. They also dildo’d each other’s pussies very briefly.

      Susana and Dayana did all the same things, but in one live show, Dayana actually inserted her fingers inside Suzy’s vagina (something the Mazo sisters haven’t done yet), and at the end of that same live show, Dayana actually licked her sister’s pussy (clamped her mouth over Susy’s pussy and wiggled her tongue around between Susy’s pussy lips) after a viewer gave them a huge tip and requested that as his tip reward (or something like that). Up until that moment, they had been adamantly refusing to perform oral sex on each other. But I guess everyone has their price! ;-)

  4. mitchtc86 mitchtc86 says:

    I wish Pamela Martinez would make a come back and join the OF trend. She will always be one of my favorites.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What with the music? I feel like I’m seeing some kind of ad. Doesn’t appeal me at all. Would be better without that music or with music that not was added after when they edit the video, so we could hear all. I want to her them moan, no matters if the moan is faked.

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