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Nikki Sims is back and she has an announcement… It appears she’s sort of burned out having to do her weekly schedule, comparing herself to other sites which rarely updates anymore she is one of the few who has kept updating regularly but i guess that is coming to and end.

What this means is more or less she’s going to do very random updates, and some stuff probably will become less professional, we’re going to get like a set of “selfies” that she just randomly shot and stuff like this.

I can’t say i am surprised that she’s bored with what she’s doing, she’s been doing it for 14 years, but she knows that she can’t really give up the little she has to do each week for the amount of money it gives her, so this is a good alternative. I think this pretty much sorts it up that she will NEVER go full nude, she’ll probably do less and less updates until one day there’s no more updates.

On the upside there’s a ton of old sets that they have not released that will be put up in the pipeline so it will be interesting to see these, hopefully we can get more good stuff from Nikki, i do expect the videos to be a lot better now when she’s not doing scheduled updates, but we’ll see.

This camshow is 1,5 hours long due to the 30 minute talk in the beginning of the show.

Size 563MB

nikki sims 05142018 camshow video 150518 mp4 nikki sims 05142018 camshow video 150518 mp4 nikki sims 05142018 camshow video 150518 mp4 nikki sims 05142018 camshow video 150518 mp4 nikki sims 05142018 camshow video 150518 mp4

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I found the camshow interesting in that she clarified things better. but it seems she does not have the willingness or courage to just make a clean break and call an end to an illustrious and long lived internet career. She still very much likes the self esteem boost she gets from doing it and having the fans stroke her ego. And no doubt the worthwhile revenue stream she gets from the sites(her own and fans only) she has. Otherwise why keep doing what causes you stress and anxiety if not for the money and the fame.
    But in the same vain, I think she made things worse for her fans and members. Before, there was a reliable consistency to her site, everyone knew a new photo set and camshow would be there on Monday and Friday a video. They could plan their schedules and lives around that.
    Now the onus falls on the fans and members to have to daily check to see if there is anything and if it is worth the time and trouble to login and download. And since she has clarified she will not do any other content other than what she has done in the past, we now know fully, there is no more expectation of full nudity, we can all now see full nudity never was and never will be on the table. Over time, I see more and more members and fans just simply giving up because of the tedium and disappointment that will set in from checking and seeing nothing new or worthwhile for them. And the frustration from having to miss a live camshow because it was in the daytime or too late at night, or not their cup of tea.
    I can’t help but wonder if she could subconsciously be doing it this way so as to not have to take responsibility for ending it cleanly and thus either feeling she disappointed the fans or having a lot of angry fans rail against her for ending it.
    But, if the fans just fade away and disappear over time then she is not at fault and she can close up shop without a lot of angry, mad or pissed off fans.
    In the end, what ever happens, I do want and very sincerely wish the very best for her and hope she finds peace, serenity and her happiness and a life worth living, she is very dear to many of us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I tried to watch this video and only watched pieces of it. What a buzzkill. She should pull the plug but the money and perhaps the people around her are keeping her in the game. At least good to know that she plans never to do any real nudity or sex action. We’ve seen money and needs break through that barrier before. If it happens with her it will make it all the sweeter for the people who hung around. Oh, and that series of tattoos on her right leg caused a bad reaction or something. I guess even her skin wants her to know she really didn’t need to do those tattoos…

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