Viewing Nikki Sims Football Drills Uncut HD Video


New uncut update from Nikki Sims and this week we get a really shitty one :(

Size 2840MB

Nikki Sims Football Drills Uncut HD Video 210419 mp4 Nikki Sims Football Drills Uncut HD Video 210419 mp4 Nikki Sims Football Drills Uncut HD Video 210419 mp4 Nikki Sims Football Drills Uncut HD Video 210419 mp4 Nikki Sims Football Drills Uncut HD Video 210419 mp4

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  1. Anonymous says:

    For almost the entire past year the quality of videos has been mediocre at best, even those that have nudity add little excitement to what was already available in the originally released video. So far in my opinion there hasn’t really been anything that is earth shattering or explosively revealing like so many others keep hoping for. It’s been a real disappointment in some ways.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s because she retired almost a year ago. Her admin/husband is just going back and releasing different versions of previously-released videos every few weeks to keep milking the diehard subscribers of money until they completely shutter the website.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh she is retired had no idea

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      i guess you could call it milking but to me it’s kinda nice to do it… give the fans everything instead of leaving with content in the backpack like blueyedcass webmaster did, they pulled the plug too early, i wish they would re-open her site with new remastered sets and such but i think cass doesn’t want anymore attention now when she has kids… (like they won’t find out eventually their mom was a model, and who cares really? all she did was non nude and girls these days are showing more skin on public instagrams for free then she did anyway so she has nothing to be ashamed of :P)

  3. Anonymous says:

    No idea why people still pay for her site her tits are sagging she is getting old and puts fuck all effort in these days, have not watched any of her shit since she got all Emo on her twitter

  4. Anonymous says:

    The things young girls will do on Snapchat is totally insane. This new breed of self shot full and extreme exposure is making the age of Internet models irrelevant. These old uptight chicks who suddenly realized their level of exposure when it was far too late is laughable. The new girls on the block think nothing of their futures with their extreme acts performed for a few bucks or just the attention…

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      yes but some of the attraction many have to these girls are the fact that they leave some to fantasy, call me old fashioned but once i’ve seen a girl take 3 dicks up her asshole and drink piss there’s not much more too it now is there? :) now that being said i wouldn’t mind seeing many girls doing such things but definitely for their own good holding off on the hardcore will make your “career” in this space live longer.

      guys get real bored with a girl that shows up and shows everything instantly, unless they can get real creative with the outfits

      • Anonymous says:

        I didn’t mean to suggest the Snapchat sluts and Internet models are the same. They are definitely not. But dollar for dollar and for sheer quick pleasure the young Snapchat sluts are the best investment. These old school models trying to soak every dime out of you before disappearing without ever delivering the goods are a horrible investment of time and money. Yes, they serve some purpose to some people but don’t encourage them by giving them your hard earned cash!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    “like they won’t find out eventually their mom was a model”

    Well these hoes called themselves “models” but, what did they model? They showed their bodies for men to masturbate to.
    So, exactly the same purpose as porn. They like to think of themselves as “models”, as every low IQ girl with no skills or education wants to be a model.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Cass was one of the smartest of them all, she let her body be jerk off material for men yet she didn’t show anything exceptional, she used the money she made to buy a house before she turned 21, she also went and studied while she was a model and once her education was done she quit modeling and started working full time, she’s a smart girl, sort of girl you put a ring on their finger if you get the chance to. Can’t blame her for using her incredible looks to get ahead, she played her cards perfectly i only wish (as a fan) that her webmaster would open up shop again and start re-releasing uncompressed sets of hers, i know those digital cameras they used for sure had a resolution of 4000px not the measly 1600px they released.

      Nikki Sims however, is more of the dumb broad you’re talking about… She wanted attention and became a model, before she realized she could tease without showing anything she went on Jerry Springer and various local bar wet tshirt contests and showed her titties, then she retracted it and became none nude. Other models that have done this is Karen Dreams (debuted doing hardcore then she became a regular model) and Bryci is most likely the most famous and retarded of them all. She was sucking cock as Tia Teen then she realized she could do non nude and changed her name to Bryci and everyone started posting her Tia Teen and she literally though she could stop the internet from spreading the Tia Teen content which ended in this hilarious read right here:

      Needless to say Bryci gave up and now she’s doing full blown hardcore (no anal yet though) but she’s gaining so much weight, she’s really on a thin line of being attractive and straight up dough

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