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Appears Nikki Sims is getting really desperate now, has she already ran out of content? This was posted to her onlyfans page a year ago and its already in the new rotation on her site as a new video…. I really hope she has more unseen footage or is this the end already? Time will tell.

I honestly don’t get it… she’s a pretty popular model… why not just start releasing clips on “IWantsClips” or any of the other sites like that… People would buy her clips if they were good enough, like dancing, sexy outfits, oil and pasties, stuff like that would sell a lot, and she could continue to make good money.

That being said videos like this would not sell, she would have to put a little effort into it if she wanted to get paid per download.

Size 968MB

Nikki Sims Hittin The Shower ALT View 2018 HD Video 121018 mp4 Nikki Sims Hittin The Shower ALT View 2018 HD Video 121018 mp4 Nikki Sims Hittin The Shower ALT View 2018 HD Video 121018 mp4 Nikki Sims Hittin The Shower ALT View 2018 HD Video 121018 mp4 Nikki Sims Hittin The Shower ALT View 2018 HD Video 121018 mp4

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dsouth79- maybe it’s just me but one of the sexiest videos yet at least to me is her Dancing in the Dark that we enhanced. She still got the moves and the body for it. I have followed her since the beginning as one of my faves. But her dancing like that in that video thinking no one can see… That was the best for me anyways. LOL

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      she’s super attractive when she feels attractive.. you can tell… however i do not know how good she can “fake it”… i think it really drains her when she has to produce sexy stuff and she’s not feeling it… if she started wearing some really hot outfits, like stuff you rarely see her wear, fetish stuff or clothes that are made for the bedroom and selling those clips she would still be very relevant but i guess she has earned enough for life and the motivation to push on isn’t there anymore..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Her career makes very little sense to me. She starts out this little slut with a tramp stamp and pierced nipples ready to get topless. Then she suddenly doesn’t want to be topless. Decides to settle down and have kids. But for some reason she decides to string suckers along teasing them for years and years and years. Maybe she isn’t as shameless as we thought. Perhaps the scam has run its course and she can no longer pretend that she gives a fuck about her horny customers. If that is the case, she should just hang it up. The con doesn’t work if the deception is not convincing or you don’t get the mark’s money…

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      i think many women like her find themselves in this kind of predicament, they want to come off like angels to their relatives and close ones and they know there’s no hiding your online activities forever, doing softcore and teasing isn’t essentially any different from whatever attention whore you find on instagram who post sexy pictures for free.. so in their defense at least they are getting paid for the teasing… but eventually that well will run dry and many models then progress into deeper water but Nikki is obviously one of the few that really cashed in on the non nude era so perhaps she doesn’t have to?

      I think its safe to say she no longer craves the attention and whatever thing she found exciting about men jerking off to her before has disappeared.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I knew I had seen this video somewhere before, but was uncertain which place. Someone is not paying attention to what is being upload to her site. My guess is she has bigger things to worry about and so does her hubby. I remember her saying in her last camshow July 30 that she was talking about having her father live with them . If that has happened, they may be too busy with him to worry about the site the way they used to.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am truly baffled by her thought process. She’s getting older, she’s getting lines on her face and body. She needs those things to make money. She needs the customer to believe they will see all of it before they are shriveled and spotted by age marks. So what does she do? She gets a HUGE GD AWFUL tattoo on her thigh. WTF? How is this helping? Then she has some sort of emotional meltdown after her birthday. People don’t like your tattoo? They don’t want to be perpetually teased by some MILF? What was it you thought you were doing? Like I said, I think her con has run its course. She no longer has the stomach for it. Unless someone convinces her to completely strip down for money, I think it is all over…

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