Viewing Nikki Sims Tanning Uncut HD Video


AWful new uncut video with Nikki Sims going tanning, she covers up the entire time and half the video is just her driving :( Better luck next week!

Size 3308MB

Nikki Sims Tanning Uncut HD Video 040819 mp4 Nikki Sims Tanning Uncut HD Video 040819 mp4 Nikki Sims Tanning Uncut HD Video 040819 mp4 Nikki Sims Tanning Uncut HD Video 040819 mp4 Nikki Sims Tanning Uncut HD Video 040819 mp4

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One think I think fans are reluctant to accept, is that they only have a limited amount of unseen content. And every week they release something that’s one less video they have to offer. Not all videos have extended content, some are just what you see in the original and nothing more. And sad as it is to say, we all have to get over Nikki sometime, why not now???

    • dadood dadood says:

      I’m not ready to give up on her. I still hold out hope that she’s gone the Christina Model route and true full topless (that shorts re release was pretty damn close) Having said that, you’re probably that it’s time. I’m just not there yet.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow you 2 are sad she is not even that good definitly past her best by date and her age is showing with her saggy boobs, lame videos so much better women and content out there no idea why anybody would actually pay for her content as it all ends up on tube sites for free

  2. FappinDJ FappinDJ says:

    I agree that Mumblez has a finite number of videos to choose from and/or release, but he also has years worth of outtakes from photo sets. Just look at the re-release of the Devil set with true topless photos. That set was how many years old? If anything, it shows that Nikki was not opposed to actually having more revealing photos taken so there are probably years worth of extra content in pics alone. “Just enough hair” comes to mind. Can you imagine the outtakes from that set? Please – take my money!!
    Also, most weeks the photo set and video were somewhat related, but there are a number of weeks where the two had no connection whatsoever. I think there is still more completely unreleased content. Short of her return which I understand isn’t going to happen, hopefully Mumblez keeps this fan service going for some time and we continue to get to see “more” of Nikki.

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