Viewing Nikki Sims wet Tee 2007 Picture Set


New pic set with stunning Nikki Sims from back in the day… Its such a cock tease, we all know this set continues but they cut the photos at where she starts taking off her shirt, annoying but that’s life.

Size 97MB

Nikki Sims Wet Tee 2007 001 Nikki Sims Wet Tee 2007 008 Nikki Sims Wet Tee 2007 012 Nikki Sims Wet Tee 2007 059 Nikki Sims Wet Tee 2007 062 Nikki Sims Wet Tee 2007 065 Nikki Sims Wet Tee 2007 066 Nikki Sims Wet Tee 2007 106 Nikki Sims Wet Tee 2007 112 Nikki Sims Wet Tee 2007 121

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well when it comes to this set, I’m ready to give it the middle finger just like Nikki did in one of her photo sets, shower picture set 5367. She has such potential and continued to waste it by not doing anymore than she absolutely had too, to keep her fans from jumping ship.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Damn, even with Nikki long since retired and not coming back Mumblez can’t help himself from screwing the people that are still paying for a membership. This is from a test shoot after Nikki left Phil Flash and before her and Mumblez launched the current site. Someone leaked the full set and watermarked it with a black widow and the letters “SSX” way back then and there are numerous topless pics of Nikki and even some shots of pussy as she posed in the wet t-shirt, topless, in a green corset, naked on bed, and with whipped cream.

    That’s why this set cuts off right when she starts removing the tank top, because Mumblez left out the rest of the set.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      Yeah that’s what annoys me, i know ive seen these nudes from this set, so why isn’t he just posting them to his paying members rather then having them come to third party sources? Do you have the pictures, i can’t seem to find them now but i know i have them somewhere, i remember that spider watermark.

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