Viewing PilGrimGirl Red & Black Demo 4K UHD Video


New video from PilGrimGirl with what looks like the Two Elfs? That watermark in the middle seems like an horrible idea, was anyone removing their watermark in the corner or something?

Size 609MB

PilGrimGirl Red and Black 4K UHD Video 140121 mp4 PilGrimGirl Red and Black 4K UHD Video 140121 mp4 PilGrimGirl Red and Black 4K UHD Video 140121 mp4 PilGrimGirl Red and Black 4K UHD Video 140121 mp4 PilGrimGirl Red and Black 4K UHD Video 140121 mp4

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  1. HiveOnne HiveOnne says:

    This viedeo and the other one with the big marl in the middle are “just” advertisement videos, hence the big mark

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      good advertisement, these videos actually have good content then the product you buy is just travel videos with the girls in full snow climbing gear, lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is what I’ve been hinting about. CG has been stymied by 3rd party dealings that prevent her from posting the kind of content she wants to such as vimeo in her patreon site. She apparently has found a solution and her videos will be up for sale shortly. The dollar amount is steep,that 2 elfs vid is $500 and only 3rd tier members at patreon get to buy them. Wait until you see the Juliet-Summer demo ;)

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      that sounds exciting, at that price level i hope to see the juliet chicks in some very cute outfits and hopefully 4k, then the price is not a problem ^^

  3. Anonymous says:

    from reading between the lines,the content will be worth the price and all these videos will be in 4k

  4. HiveOnne HiveOnne says:

    The Juliet-Summer Demo shows both topless, massaging !
    You definetly see nipples and some sidebood in the demo ^^

  5. Anonymous says:

    yes you do and the demo is less than 2 minutes long, the full video is 15 minutes so the imagination runs wild, definitely worth the $300 price.

  6. Anonymous says:

    To each their own and all, but I can’t ever see how a 15 minute video of them doing *anything* is worth $300-500. Even full on…you know. Ignoring all the other hot girls that sell better content for less, or all the free content out there (much thanks to this site, thank you Collector), the novelty of this supposed full video can’t be as good as hiring an actual “escort” to do far more than these girls will do to you. Like I said, to each their own, but if you’ve got that kind of disposable income lying around, lemme share my paypal address to help relieve you of some of that burden!

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL,point well made but I’ve been collecting CG and the other girls for over 15 years so for me it is worth it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    whats the passwpord?

  8. Anonymous says:

    How is someone gonna pirate other people’s creations and then try and make money off it? That is the lowest of the low…

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