Viewing Sofia Sweety 10/01/2019 Camshow HD Video


New camshow with Sofia Sweety, my god why did she fuck her face up so much? So sad to see the instagram mental illness spread among the beautiful women… No one likes fake lips, stop that garbage please.

Size 1171MB

Sofia Sweety 01102019 Camshow HD Video 011019 mp4 Sofia Sweety 01102019 Camshow HD Video 011019 mp4 Sofia Sweety 01102019 Camshow HD Video 011019 mp4 Sofia Sweety 01102019 Camshow HD Video 011019 mp4 Sofia Sweety 01102019 Camshow HD Video 011019 mp4

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  1. Tdatb Tdatb says:

    Well, at least the collagen injections wear off, unlike the skankmarks (tattoos) and the implants so many of them get these days.

    Now that she’s switched from straight model to (unhappy, it seems) camwhore I’m just waiting for her to get a boobjob, get some huge, garish tats, (like on her forearms or some big red bows on her thighs,) and blow-up to 200 pounds…

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      not sure what it is about these latinas but i feel like they peak around 15 years old, they look like 20 when they are 15, and when they are 20 they look 30, and at 30 that’s a wrap son. i mean sofia still good looking but compared to her 3 years ago it’s night and day

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ive been to Medellin, CO. Its very very common for girls to get this done. I have no idea why so many of these girls do it. I asked one girl why they all get there lips do is because its a sign to men that they “suck good dick” and that is word for word. Every girl in Colombia has a price no matter how hot and insanely beautiful they are. Either its paid with money or plastic surgery. Girls here always lot 10/10 all the time just incase that one guy comes along. I was once a sucker for that but once you see the game they play you will catch on very quickly but trust me they will get what they want first before you see whats going on haha.

    ps. I am going back in 2 months LMAO

  3. Anonymous says:

    always look 10/10*

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ela tem que fazer cam com a Michelle, a Michelle ensina ela como tem que ser, a Clarina e a Yeraldin já foram!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ximena seems less made up in her new sets but her butt is shaping up nicely

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      yeah ximena looked stunning in the last bonus where she featured with the mazo sisters in that wonder woman outfit, my god her ass :)

  6. Tdatb Tdatb says:

    She lost me when she came back from her hiatus at Daddy’s (I think either her mom’s boyfriend was banging her or trying to, so mom shipped her to dad’s ’cause she didn’t like the competition,) with the stupid tats, the huge hips/ass, and the monster thighs that looked like umbrellas opened over her knees. Her face got back to cute after she lost a little weight and I always did love her tits. I check out these cams of hers for those and her perfect pussy but I doubt she’ll be at it long or, if she is, if she’ll be worth watching.

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