Viewing Cali Skye Various New Stuff Preview Pictures Pack


Cali Skye is making the rounds again trying to sell old stuff and new, be aware, if she reached out to you know that she’s scammed countless people before :P Proceed with caution, a crackhoe is only reliable until she gets the next hit of crack, then you won’t hear from her until she’s out of crack again!

Size 22MB

Cali Skye Various New Stuff Previews Pack 001 Cali Skye Various New Stuff Previews Pack 005 Cali Skye Various New Stuff Previews Pack 008 Cali Skye Various New Stuff Previews Pack 015 Cali Skye Various New Stuff Previews Pack 017

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nasty bitch

  2. lucifa42 lucifa42 says:

    You’d think if she was serious and wanted money she’d just start an Onlyfans. She’d make a ton of money.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      maybe in the beginning but i don’t think shes into the though of having to do something over a longer period of time, she seems to want the quick fix everytime she comes back

  3. Anonymous says:

    You guys can’t tell the difference between weed and crack. She’s stoned on weed, not crack. She doesn’t even look busted, she’s not wearing makeup. She’s not fat, her hair’s not all fucked up. That Raw Tray is for breaking up weed nugs, and the glass bowl is specifically for smoking cannabis products. To smoke crack, you either need a lightbulb or a metal pipe with a screen. Weed smokers avoid smoking from metal pipes to prevent getting Parkinson’s Disease and most prefer using glass due to it not having a taste after heating it up. I get that maybe you’re not from The USA, but I am, and I’m surrounded by both crackheads and potheads. Crackheads don’t ever look fucking sleepy, they’re always hyper and they tend to wig out. This bitch looks like she about to knock out, and My Nigga giving her some Vitamin D before bed.

    • The Collector The Collector says:

      both sounds fucking awful, if you look like that because you smoke weed id recommend stay away from weed

      • BiGDiCKMCoY77 BiGDiCKMCoY77 says:

        – BOTH of you made me laugh out loud soo hard Lmfao !!

        however not to offend anyone. the ANON is correct though. i know (drug use) unfortunately. not because personally, but due to having Associations, Co-Workers, Neighbors, Family Members who enjoy / partake into that “Pleasure Leisure Lifestyles”. you have what ppl call “Functional Addicts” and “Freaked Out Addicts” when it comes to drug Use. very Very similar to Alcohol use. again unfortunately though. Ms.Cali seems to enjoy this type of atmosphere of drugs & debauchery; mixed with sex. to those who say ohh their corrupting a innocent white girl. Pssft’ Ha HA hA yeeah o-k dude. she CHOOSE this life on her OWN free wil. actually to put it bluntly (no pun intended there). Daddy was the one who made her this way in all reality. so its her Degenerate Fuck Head Bio-Father who’s sold her into the Trade. nothing but a Pimp with a Kneck Tie on. pssft’ Some Father he is / are.

        – Cheers !

  4. bobsky bobsky says:

    Is anyone really surprised she ended up like this? At 15 she was posing nude for custom shoots arranged by her dad, who was her manager/pimp, and always present during shoots. And we all know the he photographed many of her sets (Though not for TeenStarlet or He was a mediocre photographer at best). Apparently friends said she enjoyed the attention and the money. Then her high school and teachers found out about her modeling career and the shit hit the fan. Is it any wonder she turned to drugs?
    She could have been very successful – hell, she WAS very successful, until her dad took over her career. Don’t know if TeenStarlets (who owned dropped her or if her dad pulled her out, but he was an even worse manager than photographer. Just white trash.

  5. bobsky bobsky says:

    Thank you for posting new Cali Skye stuff. As bad as she is now, I will always be a fan of hers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    She looks a hell of a lot better in these new pics than she did in that anal video. Now if we can just get Hot Cali in a well shot IR Anal video, well, that would be amazing. If she just stopped messing around and went full porn pro, she’d make a mint. And that this point, what the hell is she waiting for? Get her down to the Dogfart studios for a blowbang and some Anal and DP scenes!

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